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Virginia - Questions Regarding Settlement and Surgery, Please Help!
First of all, I would like to apologize if this is too much of a wall of text (I know it's improper forum etiquette) or, if this has been previously covered in another thread. I am new to forums, I have an appointment soon, and need some advice BADLY!

I was injured at work about two years ago. I slipped on a floor without a "Wet Floor" sign, and have 14 protruding and/or herniated discs.

I'm receiving Worker's Compensation Payments and being seen by a pain specialist and receiving pain medication and also having a number of different pain management techniques performed.

Here's where I need some advice: My attorney has recently talked about the company wanting to settle my case. I recently received a Facet Joint Medial Nerve Block at thoracic and lumbar vertebrae. My doctor does not feel that I am able to return to work, even on the lightest duty of jobs, due to the fact that I can not ride in a car, sit, stand, or lay down longer than an hour without severe pain that lasts for days.

My main concern and question is: if any of these techniques (nerve blocks, inversion, laser surgery) end up helping me and I'm able to return to light duty, will this affect the total settlement amount I receive?

My secondary question is: since no current treatments have been successful, will the settlement offer (if my lawyer requests) include a surgery to correct my back, and if so, will THIS affect the monetary amount of money that I receive?

My final question is: my son had to quit work to help take care of me for the past year and a half, as well as my mother. Are they entitled to anything monetary, and would they need to file separate claims?

I GREATLY appreciate each and everyone who can offer me even the slightest bit of advice. I'm just so depressed and tired of dealing with this pain, and the medicine, and just want it to be over, and ANY HELP will be greatly appreciated. If I need to include more information, let me know as I will be actively monitoring this thread.
additional benefits based on impairment vary with the severity of the impairment.
those that are totally disabled receive benefits longer then those who only have some disability.

if surgery will correct your back then you are not at maximum improvement and impairment can't be calculated.

maybe. any homecare needed has to be approved by a physician and prior arrangements made with the carrier to have it provided.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
The first thing you want to remember is you want to get back to as pain free as possible. It can take a good deal of time to figure out what will help you and getting them to pay for it. I say this because to me is sounds like they could be trying to settle before the bills get too much higher. And sometime lawyers just want to make money now and not have to wait years to get the settlement done. Now I'm not saying that is the case here but just make sure you are doing all you can to get better and not just settle on this as being as good as you can get. Two years is not a long time to figure out whats wrong and what could make you better.
On your secondary question settling with care for you in the future is possible but can be hard to get done right.
On your last question you need to be speaking with your lawyer. If your employer didn't approve this I would say he is out of income for the past but you may be able to get the future covered. As 1171 said if the doctor has not said you needed this care then it will be very hard to get him paid. Now he might have said something to you about needing this but getting him to put that on paper maybe the real trick.
Hope some of that helped and you can get help with your pain
I should have added I understand you wanting this to all be over with but just be careful and get it taken care of the best they can. WC sometimes will try to starve you out to get you to settle for far less then it's worth but think of this in the long term. What are you going to do if you just take what they offer to get it over with? All this may mean is its over for them, you may have to worry down the road on how to pay for needed medical help or even how to pay for pain meds the rest of your life. It's not an easy road to be on

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