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Quick update....
Sorry I haven't been on much. I do read everything though. I've been working a lot of overtime.

My husband was to have a court date on June 17th. The lawyer finally entered his appearance and canceled it. He has a appt with a dr the attorney chose on Aug 17th. I guess he was wanting another opinion. WC sent him to a dr for "pain mgmt" since released from his surgeon. This dr just looked at his records and refilled his scripts. He did ask if he wanted off the narcotics. My husbands said he would like to get off them so he also gave him a script for a less powerful pain med. They don't work well so he basicly takes them when out of the others. I used to keep track of his pills but stopped. He also doesn't keep them out. I get pretty upset by the amount consumed on a daily basis. Not that they are not needed, just that no other options are given him or that he's not monitored. No blood work has ever been taken since his injury.

His depression is up and down. Some days I come home from work and you know its a bad day. Not much done around the house. I know me working so many hrs lately makes it worse. His unemployment he receives is next to nothing since he hadn't worked before he got hurt.

I am on vacation this week so we will be appying for disability finally. He's not real motivated on his own.
depression will kill a person keep good tabs on his meds and find him something to do.....even if its a volunteer job
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

I'm sorry to hear the pm dr didnt offer somthing else other then just meds. Depresion sucks, its hard at times to come above it and maybe he needs somthing besides house work to get his mind off things.. Interacting with others (pain permitting) seems to be my blessing weather its on the net or just picking up the phone.. We all have a comfort zone, and its just finding it.............I hope the best for you's.....
Ammo - forgive me because I not familiar with your case, but have you made any suggestions to the pain mgmt doctor? My doctor will not recommend a lot but is always up for anything I might suggest that may help me. Have you tried acupuncture? I didn't believe in acupuncture till I tried it. It worked great. How about therapeutic massage? That also works well. Physical therapy? Aqua therapy? I loved aqua therapy! All theses options give us reasons to leave the house and to get out of the " rut" . Try bringing up these suggestions to you pain mgmt doc. Especially if he is interested in reducing his reliance on pain meds, I wish you and your husband well.

Take care
Good advice Jayne and Bronco. Having time to dwell on how hard things are always makes it worse (for me). I hope things get better for your husband ammowoman.
Good advice Jayne and Bronco. Having time to dwell on how hard things are always makes it worse (for me). I hope things get better for your husband ammowoman.
Tongue I am in NM

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