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Nothing at all. Just checking back in from Hell..
Yes, I always did like being with the forum. So I will log on more often. This is another, yet again, computer, so it was hard to find the spot again. Finally did, but most days just don't have the energy to log on and check emails etc. I have been trying for over a year now to get in touch with some people at the local church, but they don't get back in touch, so I am going to call the Methodist church in Missoula. I was Methodist back in England and preferred it, but the two are different between the two countries. So I don't know.

Xmas was not such a bad day in the end. I hurt like all get out from being on my feet so long, which is never a great idea. But watching all the food go so quickly made my day. And my daughter finally settled down into her old self, getting up early and waiting by my bedroom door to see when I would get up so she could start to open packages. It was good to see her happy for once. I spent most of the day with her and her boyfriend downstairs, watching telly etc. So it was a good day. I will pay for it today though, in pain.


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