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Questions about the cervical spine
Recovery of the ACDF is not going as planned.

I saw the neurosurgeon earlier this month, he suggested having another MRI, he wants to investigate problems with the c6-7 due to symptoms and the emg/nct being abnormal.

Today the physical therapist had a talk with me, her opinion is there is something going on with the cervical spine due to symptoms & swelling.

My question:

I have read on this forum of those with spine issues often have to have additional surgery as additional levels develop problems.

Why is this?

Is there anything I can do to preserve the cervical spine and keep from having additional surgery?

Thanks for your help.

Bummer Knees

I dont know of any Kathy....I sleep with a round pillow under my neck....but any bump or quick turn of my neck is a cervical headache... I can wake up with one... there is no rhyme or reason that I can come up with...My PCP said as ageing women we have weakening bones to begin with then when we let them drill holes in them to fuse hardware we make them even weaker....I will not let them do another unless its life or death....I got 3 days relief from my fusion and I believe that was from the hi dose of meds.....
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

With all of the ortho problems I do believe there is something there the doctors have not found.

I use common sense but try not to let my disabilities limit me in life.

Jayne I have not found a pillow yet I can tolerate for very long.

I'm with you Jayne, no more neck surgeries unless it is a have-to.


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