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Settlement Question.
Does Louisiana allow a WC Case to be closed with open medical? I have tried "googling" to find out but I cannot find a answer.

Is open medical a option or do some states not allow this form of settlement?

The reason I ask is my settlement has been held up for over 2 years because the IC thinks the MSA is to high. We offered open medical as a option when they balked on the proposed MSA but they never would answer yes or no.After having 3 MSA's constructed by there company of choice, A MSA was sent to CMS but that was almost 6 months ago.

The IC is really quite content with continual weekly payments and all medical paid for going on 8 years. I am ready to get rid of this headache myself.
Stumped? So am I.
Perhaps you could call your state's Ombudsman and they might have an answer.
(06-30-2011, 09:19 PM)Bummer Knees Wrote: Perhaps you could call your state's Ombudsman and they might have an answer.

I will have to look up the definition of that word. LOL
not all states have one it is a go between....someone who can see both sides
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