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need advice about end of treatment
I am in California:
My treatment is concluding this month. The doctor feels that I am at the point of P & S and he would like me to now be evaluated by the doctor doing ratings. I have questions: Does this mean that once he writes his recommendations that its permanent, no changes. I currently am back to work thankfully and working without any restrictions. I asked my doctor to not give restrictions or else I cant work at my current job. My doctor was saying thus far he sees a 24% disbility but can change depending upon the final examination. I started out with a lawyer then dismissed him so its just me and the ins carrier. My concerns is how do I settle this and close this open case. I really don't want a permanent disability rating on my back nor do I want to take a chance on restrictions being imposed. I would like some advice on how to conclude this. I know in the future I will need medical care, I have 3 herniated discs in the neck. I am not sure if I need to see this doc for a P&S rating or can I forego it. I need to talk to the Ins. carrier but don't know what to say, Any advice will be much appreciated. Thankyou

not exactly.
once recovery is complete and your condition is thought to be stationary then the extent of any permanent impairment can be determined. california does not allow a change in rating after 5 years from the Date of Injury.
if the physician erroneously concludes that your condition is stationary and it does change within the 5yrs, your rating can be changed.
it's unlikely that your employer will allow a lumpsum buyout with you still employed.
it's more likely that you will get a rating and periodic impairment benefits with open medical.

it's unusual but you can refuse impairment benefits and just retain open medical.

you need to be more clear as what you want.
wanting future medical coverage and also a closed claim is a bit contradictory.
you can't get future benefits without a medical exam that says you need them and what exactly is needed.

have you reviewed the guidebook or the factsheets especially about Permanent Disability?


more detailed information is available from the DWC website.
review the information and come back with a clearer idea of what you want and we'll try to help.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
wow, maybe I misunderstand, but it sounds to me your current job is more important then what may happen when, (not if) your back worsens. Please do some reading about future problems related to your condition. I would hate to see you hurting and without recourse.
The good news is,"You can get used to anything."
The bad news is,"You can get used to anything."
If you have a lawyer and dismiss him doesn't he still get some money?

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