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Oh Admin Dear
you are now a phophet and can charge for your readings.....one of the things you told us would happen when the minium wage went up has happened.. around here anyhow....the local fast food places have started to put their soda machines behind their counters again controling your sodas...and get this....it is now a dollar to refill your soda in a local diner...
ahhhhhhh it seems the Topamax has done me a favor as Water is about all I drink now....
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

The one thing they need to do around here is keep the CO2 filled up. I seem to pour out more pop because it's flat then I drink. Maybe that is there way of saving money
Before wc quit paying ttd the wife and I used to go out twice a month to our favorite restraunt.. Refils on soda was always free until we noticed the sign alowing only 1 refill.. Wich was fine with us but really like they cant afford refills at 25 for primerib dinner.

As far as the cO2, i AGREE..... I am a soda drinker maybe 2 aday but I have noticed it with pepsi in the cans... If it sits for more then 5 min it might as well be sugar water..
Bronco...Honey worked for Pepsi..the Co2 is getting less and less because the containers are getting weaker and weaker the cans and bottles cannot hold the charge...we live near a mexican grocery store and go there now and again and buy bottled pepsi for Bill in glass yes 1 lt glass bottles for a dollar.
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......


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