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Irritated by Lawyer.
Just had the pre-hearing meeting with my lawyer. I am finding myself more and more agitated with him and his lack of progression with my case (in my eyes). The IC has been sending us numerous offers for settlement but none are meeting my standards. My lawyer is looking at me like I am expecting too much.
He states that my case is not worth anymore then possible $32 a week. He told me that since my Dr has released me to return to work under restrictions and I am willing to work under theses restrictions that all the IC lawyers have to do is prove that there is a job out there that meets my restrictions and pays more then my weekly rate and I would be left with nothing.
This does not sound fair at alll. I understand looking at it from a legal and financial breakdown that it prob is I just cannot see them doing this to me. I plan on returning to my dr since my condition continues to decrease and see what he can do with the restrictions.
My lawyer has me with the ability to perform full time work under light duty, this puts me at 40 hrs a week light duty min wage. And yes this would be making more then my previous job since I was a teacher and only worked 9 months but took my pay over 12. This is what is screwing me. Since by doing this I essentially made less weekly then someone making min wage even though my hourly rate was much higher then min wage. If though of that way it makes sense.
I do not feel that under my current condition that I am able to return to a new job and then have to take time off right off the bat for the numerous dr appointments and procedures. I still receive injections that do not allow me to drive or do much for 24 hrs after as well as on many narcotics that would leave me liable for anything that may happen. I do not see me as being able to work under these current conditions. I can barely walk somedays, like for the last week.....PCP just put me on Fentanyl patch with tramadol for BT pain and Gabapentin for sleep and nerve pain on top of continued injections. I have neuro appts and ortho appts for surgical candidate screening. Dr says I should apply for SSDI but lawyer states that I am fully recovered with ability to return to light duty and not disabled......Im starting to get confused...majorly, should I file?? or wait till after settlement? (if I even get anything after all this, since lawyer seems to think my case is worth nothing, "Go be a door greater at walmart")
Also my lawyer has not filed for a modification to injury description yet and I injury diagnosis has been changed for almost a year now. As well as depression being added. I am being told that I cannot seek re-training under OVR until I receive treatment for depression and Dr. states which job (from the recommended jobs) he feels I am able to perform and if he feels I can actually sit in class to be re-trained for.
My lawyer stated today that if the IC denies our current offer for settlement then he will proceed with the litigation to modify the injury and add depression.

Sorry for the rant....I just had to type it all out and get it off my chest... Does this sound right to anyone and if there are any suggestions I would greatly appreciate them as I feel as though I am getting my ass handed to me.......literally.

AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!! Just feel like screaming...
31 year old mother of 3. Working as Pre-K Teacher. Tripped over leg of therapy swing, twisted and jammed lower back.
Diagnosed w/ SI Joint Dysfunction. Moderate to severe pain daily. Limiting most functions.
Bummer knees was done about the same way with her claim...she may be some help to you with the 9 v 12 month thing....and you need a true rating to include the depression I suggest you PM Bummer knees as she was also a pre school teacher.....good luck and dont let them wear you down...
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Will do that. Thank You. I knew someone on here was also a teacher and I hope she has some sort of insight for me. Right now they are telling me that my case isnt worth jack and that I should go back to work as a door greeter at walmart. Well that wont even add up the amount yearly I was making. My dr told me that I should be looking at the possibility of working a max 15-20 hrs a week. And yet they still feel like my case is not worth a dime.. I am sooo confused as to why I am not worth anything.
31 year old mother of 3. Working as Pre-K Teacher. Tripped over leg of therapy swing, twisted and jammed lower back.
Diagnosed w/ SI Joint Dysfunction. Moderate to severe pain daily. Limiting most functions.

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