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Injured at work, need suggestions
I work in the receiving dock of a department store in Saint Louis Missouri. I injured my shoulder/arm and wrist which is swollen during work hours moving a large appliance by myself since I had no help and the customer was waiting on 06/10/11.I was taken to an Urgent Care facility and was prescribed pain medication for a strained trapezius muscle in my shoulder and a sprained wrist. I was put in restriction of not lifting anything over 25 pounds. and told to see the workman's comp doctor at another Urgent Care location today. I took my prescription with me since I was going to get it filled after I had seen the workman's comp doctor today since I hadn't had a chance yet or the finances. The doctor examined me and I told him where the pain is located. He basically told me that for someone as young as myself I shouldn't be having all these pains and why am I in the line of work that I am in. ???? :O He did not order any Xrays, tore up my prescription written by the first doctor I had seen on the 10th, told me to take Aleve, and said that I could go back to full duty work with no restrictions. The injury happened just a couple of days ago, I am still in pain, and don't know what do to here. Any suggestions?? Thank you
talk to a WC ATTY right away, also you might have been seen by an IME DR.also make sure your ER(employer)filed WC papers for your injury.and if it's still bothering you ,go to emergency and let them know it's a work injury
you can request a change of physicians or you can go to your own doctor at your own expense.
more information here
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.

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