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Tenn. law bans posting images that "cause emotional distress"
Quote:Excerpt from the link provided by 1171, By Timothy B. Lee

The new legislation adds images to the list of communications that can trigger criminal liability. But for image postings, the "emotionally distressed" individual need not be the intended recipient. Anyone who sees the image is a potential victim. If a court decides you "should have known" that an image you posted would be upsetting to someone who sees it, you could face months in prison and thousands of dollars in fines.

If you think that sounds unconstitutional, you're not alone. In a blog post, constitutional scholar Eugene Volokh points out just how broad the legislation is. The law doesn't require that the picture be of the "victim," nor would the government need to prove that you intended the image to be distressing. Volokh points out that a wide variety of images, "pictures of Mohammed, or blasphemous jokes about Jesus Christ, or harsh cartoon insults of some political group," could “cause emotional distress to a similarly situated person of reasonable sensibilities,” triggering liability. He calls the bill "pretty clearly unconstitutional."

We have a Constitution? [Image: ZZZheadscratchin-3.gif]

not since you know who was sworn in
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

It's just another way to take our rights away. What will they do when the election comes around.. I suggest these states bann all newspapers, might as well ban all media.. Could you imagine how much more the court's will be swamped.. Stupidity at its finest........
They will never ban the media, because generally the media does all their heavy lifting for them.....
Once again A TRUE CHRISTIAN would not talk about there President like some have done in this thread.

After George Bush's last 4 years in office, and his admins. sending us into debt and fighting a war where we are not wanted and will never win..... We will NEVER change the Middle East culture; THEY HATE AMERICANS!

I am from the south and I find some of these comments about our President pure Racist in Nature.....
I dont agree with you at all....There is nothing that deserves the racial card your pulling.... When Bush was in office he got the same as far as any president. You didnt see him use the racial excuse, just because Obama is a different race has nothing to do with the tea in china. People as you make it easier and easier to pull the racial slam... I'm a shamed of people that use it when it does not award it... I respect that he is president, but does not mean we have to like him. I will also respect when he is out of the WHITE HOUSE...........In my oppinion. And we all have that right to voice our oppinion ubtill they take that away as well.
Just for the record I am as white as white bread. Obama form the beginning of his candidacy was "NO GOOD" because he is half black especially in the red neck Tea Farter Organization.

Just for the record, I am not a Obama supporter. I would vote for a moderate Republican or a Blue Dog Democrat but NEVER A Conservative Tea Baggier such as Palin. NEVER!

What in the name of BS did George Bush do the last 2 years of his office beside's slide our economy into the deepest Recession since The Great Depression?

Racism thrives in the South especially below the Mason/Dixon Line. Hell we do not even go to Church together.

Freemasonry in Louisiana will not allow a Black man to join his Lodge along with 9 other southern state.

Obama is not a good President but George Bush was not better.

Who will you conservatives back for President and why?
I'm not even going to debate this topic with you, I can see the writing on the wall already.. Lets save admin some time.......
just because you all have a problem with racism dont paint me with the same brush....anyone who has sat at my table knows better....I dont like Obama cuz he is ignorant he was put in the white house by the powers that be and is a puppet....while the county is going to hell in a handbasket he is playing golf and bowing to China.....
Any one who disagrees with Obama is called a racist...have you looked at his policies? instead of calling us racist how about calling us realist cuz that about covers it. Oh and when you sit at my table and look around it..you will find a rainbow of colors my children range from pale white to dark black the only thing I havent got is yellow.....
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

whether you consider yourself a racist or not is not the point.
you condone, instigate, support and use racial stereotypes, imagery and racially loaded posts regularly on this board.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.

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