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Spinal Fusion Need Help
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No brace. I am really having a hard time keeping my back straight as possible, besides other things going on I can't get the office to return my calls. The doctor said in last visit he would never work for that company again. I ask the doctor about it and I got no reply. My last visit at 4 weeks post op was a strange one, like he was ready for me to be gone. I have been a model patient but now I am really at the end of my rope with him. Thank You for the reply I have no one to really talk to about my concerns and this site is really helping me on what to do.
- after my first fusion ( I've had two ) I had a horrible physician who screwed me up and refused to take reponsibility. She wouldn't answer mine or the home health nurses phone calls, I called up and spoke to the nurse...

" I told her if she did not give me a follow up appointment to see MY doctor ASAP, I was going to sue. As a patient, you do have rights, one of those rights is to be as pain free as possible. Once I me tined suing them, I had n appointment the next day. Also, it sounds like it is time to see another surgeon if you are without a brace and meds at 6weeks post op. That's almost unheard of and cruel. If you don't get anywhere, find a lawyer. I didn't do anything about my 1st surgeon and she closed her practice and disappeared. No one knows where she went.

I went to a very big teaching hospital, and sent over my xrays and a typed up synopsis of my 1st surgery ( this was 5 months after 1st surgery) - I. Found a good doc to take over my care. Just so you know, you need to find a pain mgmt. Doc. Call your surgeon and ask them for a referral to pain mgmt. Most surgeons don't cover follow up pain meds.my surgeon only covered them for 90 days and then he was done, I had to get the rest from my pain mgmt doc.

A good pain mgmt doc is worth his/her weight in gold.

- take care


If you have any questions about fusion etc...you can message me anytime, I've had two fusions and a spinal cord stimulator. I also have a drop/ dead foot.
Thank You, so very much. This helps alot. I will call today again!! I hope things will turn around a good recovery hopes for it.
AR is a state where lawyers are not paid enough to make it worth their while to do squat to help you they do have very good ombudsmen that are very good tho if you get them involved but that may be before a lawyer....please PM me where in Ar you are...if you are near the Ft Smith area we can visit....Back surgerys are hell....
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