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work vacation vs ttd
hey folks....still off work due to restrictions since feb, few weeks ago was my 2 yrs at job so earned a week vacation. had work pay out my vacation[suprising how cooperative they are since i lawyered upBig Grin
will this vacation check mess with my ttd payments??????
like to thank the folks at this site for all the help...i had to lawyer up,glad i did...first meeting with him last monday ,discussed a few problems having with ttd payments. general talks about case, he has dealt with my current dr and also dealt with surgeon who will do my rtc repair next week. any way today in mail i receive copy pf pw he filed with comp judge to get my ttd pay right......was sure happy to see that my problem was taken care of in one or two days..lucked out and got good lawyer, and also a good dr interested in my health.

just wanted to let some of the new people checking out this site that there is hope, keep your head up and THINK POSSITIVE-something i have heard from my wife for 20+ years.
does this help my shoulder pain...H*LL NO, but sure helps the brainRolleyes
Again folks thanks for help and will give a holler to ya'all after surgery next week..........
Keeping your head right is one of the most important parts of making it with a work injury and it sounds like you are winning that game. Part of what employers try to do is get you all messed up so you will just take anything to get it over with. I hope in your case your lawyer gets it all straighten out so you can relax and let the doctors fix you.
On the vacation pay I'm not sure if it would mess with your TTD or not. One thing I would warn you about is if you got to your 2 year make while you were off I'm not sure but I would wonder if they could come back and decide since you were not working you might not have earned it yet and want it back. Don't want to rain on your good mood but it could be a trick they try to use if they decide they want to make things harder for you down the road. Like I said this may not happen but sometimes they are good about over paying you and then right when you are in bigger money trouble stopping all pay to get it back. Good luck
thanks m2 but you cant rain on mood. the vacation check has already been cashedSmileBig Grin
earned enough hrs in 10 months of work that year,,now lawyer is trying to raise my aww to include housing.that would raise my ttd and back pay since feb
housing was provided by employer as part of my wage package when hired....3 weeks prior to my injury i was given 30 day notice that housing would no longer be provided, so sent to w/c judge request to value the housing and add that to my aww,,,Smile
been on a roll so feel good about outcome.
happy holiday to all
If the payment was made specifically as "vacation" pay then it shouldn't interfere with your TTD. You just won't have a week of vacation available to you in the future. Just make sure your lawyer knows about the payment so that he can keep track of everything.

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