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Small town , people helping each other
It is truly wonderful when people you don't know or barely know show up to help a family. We really didn't need the help but by 0900 this morning we had 8 men putting in our new french doors. I guess news travels fast in a town of less than 700 people.

That is the American spirit that rings true when were down.



Any other damage?

Just flooding here in the garage.
It is good to get that kind of help when you didn't expect it. It would be nice if those kinds of things happened everywhere. Seems like that use to happen all the time but as town got bigger it started to disappear, sure hope it is making a come back.
No other damage, the french doors were 12 years old and had long needed replacing, the weather stripping was gone in places. I'm going to Bed bath and Beyond today to buy another shower curtain to cut into drapes for the doors. I did that when we first moved in. The best $40. I ever spent. They block light out really well, nice and stiff and look really nice. I just hope BB&B has something in the same color.


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