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MS Contin ER (Extended release morphine
Both can be toilet paper Dina its called little pecker syndrome....
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

(06-06-2011, 11:31 AM)nursedina Wrote: Freebird- for the record. I WAS asked to come on here because I was told most of the nurses left. I do not claim to have the answers. Once again - I simply stated that like legal advice, we send people to a lawyer, I just suggested sending to a physician, They ARE the experts, not me. I only out my credentials because I was asked to come on here as a nurse. I am sorry if it came off pompous or arrogant, that was not my intention. Intentions can be misconstrued when reading on a forum. BOTH other's posts and MINE. I apologized if I took anything that wassail out of context. Without a face and physical Indications and no inflection, posts are hard to read.
I also apologized for stating that I was leaving, I did mention that I have a lot of family stuff going on right now that has left me emotional and I did apologize for that.
What does everyone here want? Blood? I apologized, I stated my reasons for chirping in...I've been on this board for almost 2 years. I very rarely post. I only Did so because I was asked. I'm sorry if it bothers you that's neons asked me, but they did. I will go back to lurking and I will help only if asked specifically. This is not a " I'm taking my ball and going home", I just feel that this should be a place where people come for help, and the animosity will just drive people away. It's the same on every forum and I've managed to stay out of it on every forum except this one. I'll just go back into the background.

I'm sorry if my intentions came across as anything but sincere. I do apologize.

TOOT TOOT Big Grin Just pickin chickin

I need no apology. I have alligator skin.

My oldest daughter has a master's degree in the "medical profession" and I will not take her word at times on certain situations; I want opinion's of other's and opinions are like bungy holes' We all have one and they all stink.

I have received valuable information over the last 8 years form all types of individuals. As I have said many times, I want to help the Injured worker and I will give my personal experience with a situation if it fits the thread. I have no credentials except 8 years(and still counting) in the WC Arena. I wish they would settle but I cannot lead a calf to water.

Anyway, I think Morphine ER suxs. Anything that takes away my desire to do #2 is a really bad situation and Morphine did this within 1 day. I took every laxative imaginable. Mirlax,Senna S, Lots of prunes... Heck, I was going broke on not being able to poop!

After switching back to the Fentanyl Patch, #2 is doing great within 36 hours and my pain reilef is much better. I deal with skin irritation with antibiotic cream if needed. My skin irritation is not that bad. I can manage that.

Free- I hate the Morphine ER- I vomited constantly. Unfortunately - after my very first surgery ( after never having taken nothing stronger than a Tylenol in my life ) my surgeon put me on Fentanyl 75. Which as we all know is for opiod tolerant patients - I vomited for 9 days straight and was almost admitted again for dehydration. Not I take opana Er and it's been a godsend. No woozy feeling, less constipation ( that's the worst - I once went 12 days and finally had to resort to my friend, th enema - ugh!!! )

Good luck with he fentanyl patch. I wish I could try it again b/c it would be so much easier than popping pills three times a day - but now the docs are scared that I am allergic to something in the patch. Believe it was just the strength and being non opioid dependent.

(06-06-2011, 11:39 AM)jayne Wrote: Both can be toilet paper Dina its called little pecker syndrome....

Just for the record, my shoe size is 13 double E. Do the math......
Peck Peck.......
I really think cycler's a dude. I mean he did say he once hung out with Kevin Bacon--and I don't think Mr. Bacon would hang with a chick with that kind of disposition. Tongue Pecker syndrome or not, he just needs to lighten up a little - appreciate a splendid blue sky...learn how to laugh...AND to dance! Ah, he must learn how to dance!! CLICK on link>>> http://www.youtube.com/embed/jeNsr_nQEfE?rel=0
(05-29-2011, 10:46 AM)freebird Wrote: I am opiate dependent. I wore a Fentanyl Patch for 5 years before I went to Generic Morphine ER. My other meds have not changed which are Hyrocodone 10/500 5x a day as needed for break through pain; Lyrica 150 3x a day, celebrex 200 1x a day.

I have been on the 30mg of morphine ER that I take 2x a day for a week and I will say IT CONSTIPATED ME BIGTIME! I never had this "bad" of a issue with the 25 mcg/hr Fentanyl patch.

I am taking Miralax and a stool softner but still have "no desire" to number 2. I generally go everyday but not anymore. IF I meditate,every 2 days LOL


I have had the same problem for months now after years of being on pain meds. After talking to my doctor she added over the counter products in addition to my fiber. I am now taking Colase and Sennaas well. The change is amazing, I now feel that I have to have a bowel movement after one day.  It is not quite as soft as it should be but it's a start. This has helped tremendously. Try it and I hope it helps you as well as me.
I,m sure after 5 years things have changed.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.

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