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More of my luck for the year
I want to please ask for prayers for my sister. She just found out she has breast cancer. Not sure where we are going from here or anything like that. I do want to share there were 3 children in my family, me and two sisters. We lost our oldest sister to breast cancer when she was only 46 so I think you can understand how this is hitting us. Some know a little more of the problems we are having so please keep my family in your prayers. We could really use it right now. God Bless
I want to add I'm sorry. I tried to read some posts and see if I could help anybody but I just can't think straight.
Manley,you have sure had your share.....our prayers are going up as I type...if you feel the need I am willing to talk one on one and will send you my phone number or my pasters number.....our little church are mighty prayer warriers this site has been a huge prayer help also.....know we are all here for you....
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Manley prayers are being said for your sister & family.
Sorry Manley, our prayers are also going up......
Thanks everyone. I know the power of prayer and how much power this group has. Trust me it helps just to know the support we have here.

We grew up in a small town, my street was 2 blocks long. Everybody I grew up with on that street that has passed away has been from cancer. It sure seems like there is something to this.
Prayers Manley for everyone in your family.

Never easy


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