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Are you as a work comp. client allowed to recieve any income from your part time job
Are you allowed to recieve any income from a part time job when you are on work comp.?
If you are receiving wage replacement benifits. I think the answere is no. The purpose of the wage replacement benifits is because you can not work. With that being said, every state is different. You may want to post your state.
8-05, Micro laminectomy/disectomy. 10-05 lumbar fusion L5-S1. 2-07 exploritory surgery. 12-07 medical implant, Spinal Cord Stimulator. now receiving SSDI. After going back to school, I received my degree as a mechanical engineer. What can I say, it was the only way I had to beat the system. 
did you have this part time job before hurt, or is this new? some states will consider income lost from 2nd jobs, if injury prevents work at both.
AQA is correct. work comp has a number of differern benefits. there are different rules for each. When your injury has been declared at maximum recovery then you are free to work at new job within your restrictions and still be eligible for permanent impairment benefits.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
I agree with AQA and 1171, if you are receiving any weekly or Bi-weekly Comp. Monetary Payments, the answer should be No. Those benefits are in place because you cannot work gainfully to support yourself and/or Family. It would be Best though to at least speak with a w/c Certified Attorney in your Area to be Safe. Best of Luck!!Wink
Good answers from the others. Checking with your states BWC can also be helpful. What I was told in GA is so long as I am working within my restrictions that it is fine to work while on TTD or PTD. I was also told that you MUST report the income to your WC IC so they can deduct that amount of money from your benefit check. I would have gladly worked else where as my ER didn't have any work with in my restrictions even though it meant having that amount deducted from my WC checks. Just get out of the house and not feel so darn useless. I am not allowed to drive but could likely have found a ride. The businesses I applied at all turned me down as soon as they heard I was under a WC claim. I guess they figured they might end up with some liability or just the stigma. Who knows. At any rate after so many times of being turned down I just flagged it. Now I am just working my way through some craft projects that were on the back burner and to keep my hands and mind busy.

Be sure you check the laws in your state before you do any work for anyone. Take Care
Injured Female, OTR Truck Driver, from the state of Georgia.
I have no idea about Minnesota, but in PA if the injured worker returns to work part time the actual earnings are subtracted from the time of injury average weekly wage and the remainder is multiplied by 2/3 and that is that is all they receive in wage loss benefits. In other words, they can return to work, but their wage loss benefit is reduced based upon actual earnings.

maddog0620 Wrote:Minnesota

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