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Medical Bills
Hey All, I was injured on the job back in December of 07. Slipped an fell due to another employee not cleaning up. Broke 3 ribs which also punctured my Liver. My Boss paid me full pay each week I was out, that was 6 weeks, then I went back under docs orders for light duty. They never put in a claim for WCI, I knew nothing about it having never been on WCI before. I no longer work for this company. A few months after I was healed up I started getting medical bills from the hospital, doctor, ambulance, etc. My health insurance wouldn't pay for it cause they said WCI should pay it. Is there any way I can make the company pay for my medical bills pertaining to the accident now. Seeing its been 4 years and there was never a claim put in to WCI? The company never mentioned WCI to me just said dont worry well take care off you till you're better. They did pay me my full pay every week but now I'm stuck with these mega medical bills. Had I known I would have put in a claim, but had no expierence with WCI. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
Oh yah, Im from Massachusetts
Call Massachusetts WC - 800-323-3249.
It may be too late but if the employer did not report it and gave you incorrect information, there may be an exception to the Statute of Limitations (I believe it's 4 years in Mass, MGL c. 152 § 41). You might even still be within the time period.

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