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Can anyone help? PLEASE
I'm new to this forum and it's a god sent! I have some questions and am wondering if anyone can give me feedback.


1) I can't see how voc rehab will assist me at all.
CAn I use voc rehab and use that money towards a degree granting college?

2) Has anyone changed health insurance companies and is there one you could recommend?

Thank you so much in advance!!Smile
I know in NH here it is 18 months that they will hold your job. My employer used my FMLA and after the 12 weeks was up they also kept my insurance going all this time. HR said that when i am back to work they will set up a payment plan for me to repay it. I am back to work this week on light duty, and they have not mentioned making me repay the insurance yet. Hopefully they won't. I would think that if someone is out of work due to injury that they could keep the insurance going and not expect the employee to repay it when back to work light duty. Bad enough i am not getting my full 40 hours.

I hear you about carpal tunnel. When i first had carpal surgery in 98 i had trouble starting 2 yrs later after it. It went away after resting it , now it is back this time for 8 months sofar and causing me to have tendonitis, neuropathy also. The pain is 24/7. Thank god for the pain meds i am on that finally cut the pain from a 10 to a 6 daily. Sometimes i feel i cannot go on anymore. If i did not have these meds each day, i would be in bed 24 hours a day with my arm up on pillows and not moving. I became a hermit due to my pain. I had no social life either. Cymbalta is also a good med for nerve pain/depression.
carpal tunnel recurrence/ neuropathy / RSD.
1/29/07 injury date. Permanent. PIR settlement 8/4/08 10%
Sparkey thanks for the reply, I was wondering if anyone would respond. My employer didn't mention me having to repay (I hope they don't bring that up) so I guess I should be grateful.
Sorry you're having problems still but that's great news that you're back at work!!! Hopefully they forget about paying it back which it sounds like they have. Thanks again for the feedback!!
Hi Star, first let me welcome you to the forum. I know that right now you are feeling very powerless in this entire situation and are looking for some insight on what to do next. I can't answer all your questions, however, and am sure that another person can come along and give you some better options and information that what I have to offer.

In terms of your first question, about voc rehab, I do not know how that works. Since you have been out of work through for quite sometime, I believe that if you contact a college about attending one of their programs they can walk you through the financial aid process. Some of the funds are grants and some are loans that will be scheduled to be paid back in monthly premiums once you have completed your program. The grants do not have to be paid back. The grand are awarded based on taxable income. W/C is not taxable income. Therefore you would not have any income so you should qualify for government grants and loans. This will be very hard with four children but it is possible. I did it with three children and it was hard. Another way to obtain some income is through food stamps and low income housing. I do not know anything about how it works in California but I lived in a nice apartment while my husband and I went to school several years ago with 3 children. We lived from the grants and food stamps. That was several years ago.

Next two questions are about your cobra and termination. Locate your employee handbook and find out what the limitations of time are in the handbook. This will give you some guidance about the time frame for employment. While $800.00 is a lot of money, with a diabetic child, your insurance may cost more going else where. My daughter just did this and she is paying over 800.00 per month and she does not have a child with any health concern and it was for only 3 people. I recommend that you start with the state. Are there any child insurance programs offered by your state? For instance, here in New Jersy we have Child Care or something like that that will cover the cost of the health care of uninsured children. You child will definitely need some health care and medications. You may be able to find this information by doing a search through your state. If you are able to get your children on a child care type of program through your state, if you go back to college they usually offer low cost health care insurances and clinics for the student. This are just possibilities. This will jsut give you some ideas of where to maybe start.

Again I welcome you to the site. We have a lot of great people here who have a lot more knowlege and understanding of the questions you ask than I do, so hopefully they will see this thread soon and post some responses for you. Good luck to you. I know that this is a tough time especially having so much responsibility. If you need additional support or jsut want to unwind and relax join us on the off topic areas where we just talk about anything and everything. Keep us updated and good luck. Red
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A couple of things confuse me about your post. You say you went back to work in January but did not state if you are still working. I am guessing you are not but you did not say how long you were back. As for Voc Rehab in California it is now a Supplemental Job Displacement Voucher that is based on your disability rating. Anything under 15% is $4,000.00. You can use it at any accredited school. As you are probably aware that is not alot of money especially in California. You say you are P&S so if you are not working your TTD has probably been stopped. You can and should apply for SDI and unemployment. Your employer should but they don't always contact you and discuss modified or alternative work. The reality is if they do not the only thing they end up doing is paying an additional 15% in your settlement. With a 5% rating it will not be much. If they do offer you modified or alternative work that is within your job restrictions and is at least 85% of your previous earnings and will last at least 12 months then they reduce the settlement by 15%. Again not alot of money. Lastly you said you would be terminated after 12 months. What is this based on? If you are out on WC it is illegal for your employer to fire you for simply having a claim. Discuss this with your attorney. I know this is a really scary time and I feel for you. I can't answer much as far as your insurance coverage. I do know that California does have programs to ensure that all children have some form of coverage.
Hi Star, I just looked at your post and here are some things I found off the top to maybe deal with the insurance problem


Here you will find phone numbers and information on pharmaceutical companies who manufacture diabetes medications and supplies and may be able to help with your needs.

Hope these help some and I will keep looking.
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WOW you guys are great! very helpful!!!

Thanks and I'm sure I'll have more questions soon!!!!!!!!!!
Hi Star,
Welcome to the board, I am sorry you are going through this. I too am in cali, first you can go and apply for Medi-Cal for your kids since your income has been decreased I am sure you will qualifiy and like someone else said you should look into foodstamps also. Second I am not to sure on your job but I think you do have to put in so many hours before you can get FMLA and you may have already used them. As far as the one year did you return to full duty or light duty? On my job when you are on light duty you are still considered as "out sick", so that means your time did not start over. But I think you should do like someone posted and get you company handbook and see what you are entitled to.

Good luck I hope things work out for you

I was told through my HR dept. that the time they start counting the months is when the first origional date of injury occured. As far as insurance for your child, NH offers a program called " healthy kids" and people with low income can get help for their children up till they are 18 yrs old. That includes medicines also. See if your income qualifies with your state. Also there is food pantries in every state to help you with food when in need or other related items also through your local church. There is always help so do not feel alone. I wish you the best. First take care of Yourself!
carpal tunnel recurrence/ neuropathy / RSD.
1/29/07 injury date. Permanent. PIR settlement 8/4/08 10%
Hi Star
You said you were put on temp disability, I'm taking that this is thru WC. You also mentioned about getting LTD, is this long term disability thru your insurance company? I wasn't aware that you can get short term or long term disability when receiving Wc payments. Is this what can be done. I'm in Pa. so the rules may be differant, but I have short and long time disability thru my ins.at work. I'm still working light duty but I'm just asking, never know if I'll have to be out again.
Good luck

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