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Another discussion with Dr's nurse
Hi All,

I talked to my WC doctor's nurse today, we continued the discussion about 'off work status'. This doctor is very aware that after my last WC surgery that I was still unable to straighten my left leg for over 3 months and after switching PT clinics found out that the VMO muscle in my leg was not firing whatsoever. Something my other physical therapist never, ever noticed. But the dates off work are this:

04/26/2011 thru 06/09/2011.
My argument was that there shouldn't be an ending date after orthopedic surgery since no two patients ever heal the same way. Some require much longer physical therapy. Her reply to me was that the doctor rarely extends the 6 week date for work comp patients and that even if I was still receiving therapy I could definitely return to work.

I will not discuss with you what went thru my mind when she made that statement. Not a pretty thought.

I would like to see what 1171 has to say about the ending date.

I really do not think having an ending date is legal, you haven't even had the surgery yet.
We all pray for a positive outcome but complications do happen.

Please send an e-mal to the attorney and let him know about this!

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