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Working Against Restrictions
Have a question reguarding restrictions.

I was injured and told to work past it for three years.. i did, ending up with me receiving a 2 lvl fusion@bottom 2 discs, as a result.
The PPD was 25% disability, with restrictions,. my employer was presented with the list of restrictions, ::no kneeling, no bending at waist, no ladders, no long term sitting,.cant lift over 20 lbs.. "permanent", and agreed saying there was 40hrs of NON work restriction work. Now year later im being told to work "past" my restrictions,, and in fear of loosing my job, home, etc,. ive tried to do as asked and ride the line, sometimes going over, ending in more pain, i asked if i could have something that wont hurt me, to do today due to pain, and was told by owner, that them giving me work that is within my restrictions is a courtesy...... and was told by owner "work till it hurts then let us know and we will change you out".... wth?
so i get to go home in pain daily and ive done this now going on maybe a year.... which i know is dumb but ive been here along time, etc etc,.

Now im left unsure what to do here.,. if im not mistaken when the employer was told they were gonna retrain me and take me out of there, he was given the option, and he told workers comp he had 40 hrs of non violating work for me.. now year or so later, its a courtesy? what do i do ?

State- Nevada..
in reply to reply, yes i understand the lifetime of work... thing,,. im referring to the part where the work is there just as it was last year yet im told to go past restrictions.

In Summary im looking for a link or information on how to proceed do i goto workers comp and tell them im being asked to do more then agreed upon,? or do i get an attorney.,?
you didn't say what state you're in so nobody knows what rules apply to your claim.
i doubt there was a guarantee required from your employer to provide lifetime modified work.
talk to you doctor.
if you are endanger of another injury; find a new occupation.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
Perhaps you are covered under the ADA?


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