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Starting massage therapy after the ACDF
My primary doctor sent the orders for massage therapy to the rehab facility today.

I will see Ms Vickie, a physical therapist who is also a massage therapist and has worked with me in the past.

Just wondering if there are any words of advice in having this done after an ACDF.
That she not get carried away. Less is more. More heat initially than actual massage and not to go too deep.
I called this morning and scheduled therapy. To get insurance to pay for this the orders had to say physical therapy not massage therapy. I was able to schedule with the physical therapist I wanted and have seen in the past.

The therapist is awesome and is gentle understanding the need to be.
Sorry, I just know too much, realize the complications. Hopefully it will allow relief of symptoms.
BodyBuilder I have been reading up on physical therapy after the ACDF and from my understanding caution must be used. I believe your brother-in-law is a PT, I am open to any suggestions. The problem I am having is the numbness & nerve pain limits the use of the right arm/hand leading to only be able to write for 30 seconds to a minute.

My therapy orders are by my primary doctor not the neurosurgeon who did the surgery. I callled the neurosurgeon who did the surgery and requested orders for massage therapy, that has been almost two weeks ago. This is the best Neurosurgeon around, yet is office staff is very unorganized. I called the doctors office to report the incident when my daughter ran into me hitting my head and causing it to snap backwards. The surgeon's response to this was to put me on a steriod pack, this didn't make sense. I asked the nurse why the steriod pack when I had received recent trauma, that is when I learned the neurosurgeon had not been told about the recent incident and was only told my pain had had increase.

I never did start the steriod pack.

My primary (osteopath) examined me and suggested massage therapy even before I mentioned it.

The therapiist I will be seeing had special training ins spine & cervical injuries.
Actually a steroid pack makes sense, it has been shown to reduce swelling after surgery or a trauma is quite normal. Ask to talk to the PA, not the nurse, someone who deals with the surgeon on a daily basis but also in surgery. That nurse is more adapt about explaining the way as to most meds.

I am allergic to most steriods but I'm also allergic to bee and wasp stings. So I allow myself to go on the steroids that I'm allergic too, lessen the side effects of the allergic reactions associated with normal steroids. One as to look at the greater good sometimes with medications. Yes I vomit and have light headedness with steroids. But not taking them means months of rehab with muscle spasms, fainting and problems associated with low blood pressure. For me the I'd rather take the lesser problems which disappear within a week or more than the later.

Just my opinion,

Not all steroid packs are the same
With steriods I get very sick at the stomach and am homebound most the time when taking the steriods.
My primary did said he would give me a shot of steriods, this has beem suggested before by my ortho.

My primary gave me samples of cylmbalta, the side effect of thsi is low blood pressure, something I already have.

My decision is not to take either of the meds above.
My brother was online and asked him about the massage therapy, he said that the massage therapy has better results if a trigger point injection is done first, 4 days before the massage therapy starts. He said to start slow, no deep tissue. He also stated that botox injections could work as well, to paralyze the muscles to alleviate the spasms. It is an approved therapy but must be done by someone who specialized in such a procedure.

Botox injections, something that upon reading this morning actually works better and has longer pain relief for patients but not recommended or used very often. Something I would definitely ask your doctor about.

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