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Notice Of Voluntary Conference
(04-19-2011, 05:26 AM)ammowoman Wrote: I think his attorney was waiting to see what the initial offer was as well. Everything actually went fairly smooth compared to most claims. I don't think if it had been known he was represented it would of changed much of anything. He'll be calling the case manager today to see if pain mgmt was approved yet. I don't see them denying it for his chronic pain, just waiting till the last minute to approve it. If we have to we can try and use our personal insurance. They know he can never do construction work again and already said there are retraining options available to him.

One thing I am a bit confused about is applying for disability. He mentioned this to his attorneys aide and was told that he needed a primary dr first. Reason being that his one dr wouldn't be enough for it to be approved. I don't understand why he would need another dr. Hospital records, surgery records and surgery follow up along with drs recommendation for pain mgmt for CHRONIC pain should be enough, I would think. I told him he should at least apply and if they say no then they say no.

As my attorney explained it to me is that I could have 5 doctors all stating my disability in their field, but will not discuss my disability for other medical problems (ex: my hand surgeon can't give disability regarding my depression) so a primary Dr. can look at the cumulative medical problems and disabilities and give an overall based on the 5 doctors and their individual reports. That is how it was explained to me, HOWEVER, it should not deter you from filing, I did (and was denied, but appealing) It is all a bunch of mumbo jumbo to me and a waste of a bazillion copies of the same papers! A big merry go round.

good luck!Smile
Live, Laugh, Love ~
I let him know today to go ahead and apply at least and to set up the appt to go in. He said he would but that just means on my Friday off I will be doing it. He will be 47 in June.

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