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Notice Of Voluntary Conference
Is this a settlement conference? Its on June 17th.
the party requesting the conference is asked to state their reasons.
it should have been served on your atty.

a conference can be used for a variety of reasons depending on what the issues in the case are. Settlement is a common outcome from these conferences.

Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
His attorney has never made his "appearance" and has just been advising behind the scene as not to cause problems. He did call him and tomorrow I will fax a copy to him since he wouldn't receive it. It doesn't say who reqested it. I figure since they think he doesnt have one they want to hurry and try and close his case. Now the lawyer will be making himself known and can possibly get the pain mgmt approved. He will be out of meds next week.
ammwoman I do hope your attorney steps up to the plate and get things moving for your husband.

A passive attorney in work comp is not a good thing.
i agree.
once they are notified of representation they may postpone - as they have to file and serve all the evidence and information.
could take awhile to get back up to speed.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
I often thought it was a good idea for my attorney to be on the side lines, as long as wc was paying the bills and ttd. e.t.c. But now that everything has stopped and been 2 months, I seriously think different.. We had our little meeting here and there and phone conversations as how I needed to procede. But what good did it do me now, notta nothing. He sent out his little notice that he was representing me and asked for all the evidence they have obtained on me, and asked to be sent to him within 15 days. The 15 days were up 2 weeks ago, I second guess my self as to if he would have been on record from the begining, would have the outcome been different.. I think it would have....
Bronoco do you keep in touch with your attorney by e-mail?

I found doing so with my attorney kept him well informed, and kept me well informed.
E-mail, a good tool to use in communication with work comp, made a big difference with me.

My attorney could be passive and would play the games of the insurance company, but he was a tiger waiting to attack.
I think his attorney was waiting to see what the initial offer was as well. Everything actually went fairly smooth compared to most claims. I don't think if it had been known he was represented it would of changed much of anything. He'll be calling the case manager today to see if pain mgmt was approved yet. I don't see them denying it for his chronic pain, just waiting till the last minute to approve it. If we have to we can try and use our personal insurance. They know he can never do construction work again and already said there are retraining options available to him.

One thing I am a bit confused about is applying for disability. He mentioned this to his attorneys aide and was told that he needed a primary dr first. Reason being that his one dr wouldn't be enough for it to be approved. I don't understand why he would need another dr. Hospital records, surgery records and surgery follow up along with drs recommendation for pain mgmt for CHRONIC pain should be enough, I would think. I told him he should at least apply and if they say no then they say no.
ammowoman he should apply, they will gather all his dr, hospital, clinic records for all. Just make sure he list all dr, hospitals and etc that he has been treated by throughout his life. They will take into consideration all his medical not only his wc claim drs. Like u said all they can to is say yes or no. But realize going into it most people are denied the first time around. If he is denied first time around make sure he files for a reconsideration that is the second time applying. That was when i was approved. From start to finish mine took a total of 9 months. They may even send him to be examined by there drs or physicarist(spelled wrong). I had to be seen by there Phsyc and was scheduled to be seen by one of there drs. A week before i was to see their dr i got a letter canceling that apointment. so i was never examined by there dr. When you do file be proactive and try to get as much medical reports from all dr's that you can, if you file on line they should contact him to come into you local SS Office for a one on one interview. That was the point that I took all medical reports that I had. I had gone to all dr's office and got actual copys of my medical files and presented to SS, they also got there own copies from some of the dr's and when i filed for reconsideration by that time I had an attorney in my pocket and he also send down copys of medical files that he is got from hospitals and drs. But yes go ahead and file, it is worth trying for, goode luck with it.
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and do it now.......it can take up to 2 years! so dont wait! or you could get lucky and get it in 2 months but dont count on that.....how old is your husband? that is a big factor.....dont wait on anyone be proactive
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