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Implant rejection
So I am wondering if I may be having a reaction to the implants in my back.Since the surgery I have been very tired I have had a sinus infection after sinus infection, problems with my left eye and just and overall flu like feeling. I was thinking well I have had 3 assaults on my body in less then a year, so maybe I need to give it time but it has been a year now since the fusion and the issues have not gone away. I did not have these issues before the surgery I just wonder if my body is rejecting the implants I am going to talk to my surgeon and have some blood work done to see if I am having a reaction to the alloy in the implants if so hopefully they can just remove the hardware and my body can go back to normal. I have never felt so Tired and flu and just yucky since this surgery. has anyone else had issues with hardware?
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You might pm Bodybuilder, as a surgical nurse she is well informed on issues as this.

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