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permanent restrictions
(04-14-2011, 04:15 PM)bronco54501 Wrote: With the long discusion with the surgeon we are putting off the surgery until fall.. Unless it becomes to unbarable he will do it when I request it.. He wants to get my abdominal issues behind us before he will procede.. Would like me to loose at least 20 lbs which will help in the healing process.

Seen abdominal specialist... ct scan ordered for next week and triger point injection to follow on same day.. depending on ct scans maybe scope and exploritory surgery to release scar tissue.

Appointment today with my primary injury dr....

He has collected surgeons notes and abdomin specialist.. knowing all the mix of drs he has decided not to change any restrictions at this time... I asked for permanent restrictions for my back without having the surgery.. He stated there wont be much work I can perform at my level of restrictions, but stated maybe some kind of part time office work if some one was to accept me under the restrictions.. So he says in order to write perm restrictions he wants an fce done and has ordered 1.. I asked for a computerized test and he said no, its not needed.. I asked also to be rated for my back and he said 3% without surgery..

Now I dont know if the fce is a good thing or not. I have had plenty before but was for treatment plan and to see if I could return to my previous employer... The 3% seems quite low considering the restrictions he has me on already, and knowing how the pain keeps me from doing many activities.

I personally believe A FCE will NEVER produce a permanent restriction unless you are above 65 and a paraplegic.

Also the Therapist performing the FCE will be looking very hard to see if he thinks you are faking. Watch out for this. I know you have had FCE's before but this is to rate your Restriction level. Many say this holds little weight in court; Personally, I do not know but they spend a lot of money for it. My FCE lasted 2 freaking days. It was a 220 mile round trip every day. My wife drove me.

I was found sedentary/light work with many restrictions such as 10 lbs lifting occasionally, no standing, no squating, no lifting above my head and many more.

After my FCE, I was sent for a IME. The WC Hoe Doctor found me PTD. I was shocked because this same Doctor had given me Hell the last 3x we met.

Rumor had it that he received Jesus and turned his life around. I am dead serious. Something changed him.

Be yourself and you will be okay.


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