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Bitter, Better, or Something Else
(04-10-2011, 08:39 PM)jayne Wrote: 1171 what I work for is mine....I earned it....what you work for is yours....you dont owe me yours....I dont owe you mine....I dont mind helping anyone out.....but they have to do their part....one of the things I learned while working for the Sal Army is the world is full of scammers....3rd and 4th generation welfare families.....they are what is bringing our country to its knees...one family cant work and support 10 families.....Men going from female to female having babies and not supporting them ....women not caring enough for their own bodies to protect them.....having baby after baby and expecting the state to pay the medical bills....wic and foodstamps to take care of them....what kind of life is that for a child.....what kind of Mother PLANS that for a child......sometimes life happens and you need these programs to help for awhile....but to plan to use these programs to have and raise your children?
Children that dont know who their Father is? 6 kids one Mother and 6 different fathers.....I just dont understand.....My Daddy was a Democrat but he would scratch dodo with the chickens before he would take a penny in welfare......it took all he had to take beans and rice from his union during the strikes...but it was what he paid union dues for...he taught us to work hard,help others and never take something for nothing......you dont lie you dont steal....if I am half as good a person as my Daddy was I will be lucky.....
you are right 1171 I have had alot of good fortune I had a good Daddy who taught me well....I have a good church...I have a wonderful husband and kids and boy howdy I have some great friends here.....all Heaven sent.......I have a great God who has brought it all to me...even you...who I fuss with I have a lot of respect for.....you dont have to stick around but you do.....gotta respect you for that....
where you and I differ is I dont envy anyone their good fortune or their bank account.....If they worked for it it is theirs and they should decide how and where to spend it....not me and not the goverment......just because I didnt go to collage and get a high paying job doesnt give me a pass on taxes.......and just because they did and worked their butt off for it doesnt mean someone should come in and take a huge hunk out of it just because they have more money than I did....there is nothing fair in that....a flat tax is more fair......Bill and I have raised 5 amazing children without welfare sometimes Bill worked 2 jobs and I worked 1 sometimes I worked 2 and Bill did one what ever we could do.....now we have 3 more and I know they will be amazing also....they are throwaway babies their Momma was on drugs and alcohol the whole time she was pregnant.......everyone said they will be retarded or slow or or or or kaka they are all 3 A students because its what we expect of them....kids always do what you expect them to.....if you expect them to be good they will be.....you expect them to be smart they will be....you expect them to be bad well they will be......
But answer me this.....Do you think so many women would continue to have baby after baby if the state didnt pick up the tab for the medical,wic,foodstamp and housing?
If Mom had to name the Dad and their Federal and state taxes were held until the money for medical were paid back......or even anyone can make a mistake you get a pass on the first baby but not on the 2nd.....after that if you wont name the Dad and he wont get of his butt and help support it then it goes up for adoption to a family that can afford it...I know it sounds heartless but something has to be done or we are gonna sink as a nation....its time for everyone to get up off their butts and do their part...

I don't want to hijack chris' post but that does help me understand how/why you've come your political position.
each of us inherits much of our values and outlook from our parents, family, and those in authority in our community.
we are too young to question it as we are growing up and as we get older it's too unsettling to challenge.
we often repeat the same euphemisms to our kids that we heard as children: "an eye for an eye.."; "hard work never hurt anybody"
"I was spanked when i was a kid; I turned out alright"; etc. like it somehow explains or justifies our behavior.

I've often done it myself even even though i can see they don't really apply to many situations and mostly just allow me to be comfortable in my authority.


Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.

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