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Finaly got some answers..
I went to 2 important appoinments today.. I seen the gi specialist and the surgeon. I finally got a gi dr that is willing to get to the bottom of my abdomin pain.. I dont care to much for his bedside manners but he is the first to listen to what I want done.. He set me up for a ct scan and to see him in 2 weeks.. He wants to rule out hernia, which has already been ruled out. The lump is the size of a roll of quarters along side the incision from surgery. He feels it is scartissue with trapped nerves, (which we knew) but wants to give trigger point injection.. If that dont help he is going in with a scope and do a procedure to untrap the nerve/nerves.

My back surgeon recomends the fusion, a 2 level 360 fussion at l4-l5 and l5-s1.. We discussed some risks issues and figures I will take longer to heal because of the other hardware and the angle of pelvis.. He could do the surgery at the end of the month, but advised me to wait until after Baby is born. We came up with a plan of attack, he knows my back muscles are weak and until my abdomin is taken care of to put the back surgery on hold... Wants me to build my muscles up through the summer and loose 20 lbs. And will do surgery in the fall, when the stress from the new baby will be less.... I thought I would update the latest info.....

But I do have 1 question, I have always been told when they do a 360 fusion they come in from the front and back......

He says he can do it just from 1 cut in the back, what do you's know about that...??
nothing.....but I am glad you are getting some answers.....did he take you off work or say you were able to work?
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

He is not my treating dr, and leaves the work slips/decisions to my treating in which he agrees with.... He is although writing up a report for my attorney..

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