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WA State...had IME worried about outcome
My tens unit came from physical therapy. This web site will explain what a tens unit is:

I am not certian on the rating catagories but when I was rated with the lumbar the doctor doing the rating said I was a II in some areas but overall I was a III due to the neuropathy issues linked to the back.

Any good attorney who works for you will file in court to discredit the IME report and rating.
IME is when one reaches maxium medical improvement and it dosen't sound as you are near MMI.

You really need to do a search of threads and learn about work comp and your rights as an injures worker.

Start here:
@knees...thanks!! I will start doing my homework! I am starting to panic cause they are trying to close my case...I feel like ass...my job doesnt want to accomidate me and I dont know if Ill have any other money coming in! I appreciate the links! i need all the help i can get! haha i have no idea what im doing!!

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