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wage verifacation.i
I was injured august 24 th last year and my employer still hasent verified my wages with workers comp what do I do and can I get the back pay for the difference also my attorney is trying to put a claim in on the no fault auto insurance because the chipper that ran over me was hooked to the truck and in ky I am entitled to no fault compeensation of up to 200 a week and they will have to back pay me to august.the problem im having is my employer wont return my attornys calls or respond to the letters. We found out who the insurance carrier is supposed to be they give us the run around and tell us they don't cover there vehicle insurance what do I do since neither the employer or insurance company will comply I need this money.
send a copy of your W-2's to the carrier.
get a court date.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
I just got done with a long time back and forth with my insurance company, over wage verification. They never claimed my second job in the weekly computation, but they said they did, anyways I finally got them to fix it almost a year latter. What I had to do was get the records from both my employers and figure mt actual rate myself. But the ydid agree I was right and then they had to pay all my back pay. but it did take a lot of research.Good lock
"may the best day of your yesterdays be the worst of your future"
Thanks im talking to my atorney tomorrow after my doctors appointment to see what we can get done.

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