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Social Security Administration, Are re-evals happening more often?
I read about 6 months ago that Social Security Administration would be stepping up the evaluations of individuals on SSI and SSDI.

When one qualifies for one SSI or/& SSDI Social Security Administration send an award letter and informs the individual when they can expect an evaluation to determine if the individual is still disabled.

Many individual were due for an evaluation in recent years and it never happened. I was awarded SSDI in 2007 with it being posted dated to September 2006, my award letter said I would be evaluated by SSA in 2010, it never happened, but I do expect it to happen within the next year.

Recently I have been made a aware of several individuals who are being evaluated by SSA/DDS to determine if they are still disabled.

One is my sister, she received SSDI in 2003, had a liver transplant in 2005, her Hep C is still active. Another individual is a good friend of our family who started receiving SSDI in 2004, he received a head injury when assulted by inmates while working at a prison. He's had brain & spine surgery.

Just wondering if anyone of the forum has gone thru the re-evaluation process with SSA/DDS?

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