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IME could be a good thing
WC is sending me to Chicago next week for an IME and I'm sure it is to say I'm at MMI and to cut my TTD. Well for once this could be a good thing for me but I don't want to say why right now. Now how could they do something that will help me and not hurt? This sure would be the first time.
Manley2, my attorney has told me from the begining that in order to get out of the system they have to hurt you first.. I was never denied anything, every thing was always ontime and figured I was going tosail through right to the settlement... Then the big SLAP came after they sent my medical records to one of thier ime drs. And of course, declared me at mmi for every thing even though I have been getting injections and a up comming surgery... Stopped my ttd, meds, and said I could go back to work.. Now I sit with no pay, and without some meds that my private ins wont pay for.. And after next month there will be not enough to pay the bills let alone eat.. The only thing I have going for me is we live where animals are plenty and lakes everywhere.. And I love fish....lol.
This is my second IME and the first was a waste of their money but they can waste all they want. At the hearing they had the depo from that doc and he proved in his own words he didn't know what he was talking about. He had so many things wrong and it was not hard for the hearing officer to see that so I won every hearing and appeal. Only good thing this time around is if the stop my TTD it will be a good thing because of it's the perfect time for it to happen and they just don't know that. I've spoke to a doctor that know this IME doc and he said this guy would write his report any way the party that is paying for the appt wants so that is part of why the WC system in Illinois is so screwed up.

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