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not ready for qme attorneys says i cant reschedual
i had infraspinatus superspinatus totally tear off and the subscapularis partilally tear. i had surgery to repair this. the post mri shows everything is tearing . the surgeon says there is no tears. i dont think he knows i have the mri report. i went for a second opinion . this doctor says this doesnt look good . he says he wants to inject dye into the shoulder enclosure and take an xray to see if the dye leaks . my qme is in a couple days. im not ready all the facts are not on the table . i feel the surgeon is not being up front with me .i asked my lawyer if i can reschedule my qme appt. he says no i will be charged 3,000 . he says just go and tell them my case is not over . i have never been down this road i have no idea whats right. can someone please tell me about the qme process. should i go even though my surgery is failing ? i know it and the second opinion doctor [not in comp list of doctors ]knows it but all others involve like my surgeon the case manager say its fine . and my attorney seems like he just wants it to be done with . please help me this is happening in the bayarea calif.
Your comp laws are different, but I can tell you if this qme was requested by wc, you should go. Ask that your drs that are not wc to send the qme dr your medical reports, or bring them with you.. I dont know if your collecting wc bennifits but if you dont go they will probably stop... Sometimes they have a heart and care about thier patients, but there are MANY that wont even take the time to evaluate you and put you at mmi. I wish you well, and others that know more about calif comp law will shine in a bit later.....Good luck..
if the carrier requested the QME then it's not your exam; it's theirs.
if you don't trust your atty you can change at any time; there will be a single fee that is shared.
more information on the qme process
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
The lawyer is blaming me cause all my emails i sent went to his spam folder.he is complaining the comp lawyer hasnt sent him any info such as mri reports nerve study results treatment plans nothing and hes been my lawyer for a year.all this was said to me 3 days before the qualified medical evaluation. Does a comp attorney have to be sharp? Or are they just there to file the papers .tbis is not sharp. Very squirrrely talks real fast doesnt make sense hard to understand
you don't want someone representing you who is unwilling to take responsibility.

Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
Are you sure your attorney has filed the propper papers to your state and ins company (wc).. It is not your fault or job to take care of this.. If he hasnt recieved any files from ins (wc) then somthing is wrong, If all your e-mails went into his spam folder and blames you, he is not very proffesional or responsible.. I would start questioning the thought if he is able to continue representing you, theres no excuse for his conduct....

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