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Fentanyl informaion
I was on the patch for lile 4 yrs or so. I hated them and will never go back to them again. I used the patch and also used narcotics at the same time for break through pain.
Cervical Fusion 2003, c5-c6. Herniated and damaged Disc L1- L4-L5 S1. Lumbar Spinal Cord stimulator implant 09-2008. Cervical ACDF revision with hardware c4-c5-c6-c7 Sept 2009.
I tried them....I also hated them....I want more control over my meds then a pain patch allows....I know nothing is gonna take it all so I do alot of heat pads... stretches...as well as pain meds.....one thing with us after awhile we can take more pain than others ...it is our normal....a sister in our church went down with siatica(sp) pain I mean it laid her out and she is one tough Momma normally..... its something I live with everyday.... We forget we are tough people....
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

I was offered fentanayl when released from hospital...With the use of the iv fentanal, it was amazing but made me sleep.. I almost accepted it but after watching my sister's life go down the drain while using them, I said no way...

And Jayne, you are so correct about our tollerences to pain.. I can remember just begining pt, I thought I was dying for I was in so much pain.. One of the supervisors from work twisted his ankle, (painfull I know) but it was comedy all by itself.. The screams and hearing ouch, tears alll were priceless.. Two weeks later and he was still off work and was given vicodin... Dont get me wrong, everone has different pain tollerences, but he was pathetic... He had a desk job and had the nerve to ask me how do I cope with the pain........@zz(o), and for them to think I can return to work...
the new pain management doctor put me on morphine pills for now the fently patches really made me feel sick and tired all the time.
I hope these work better
"may the best day of your yesterdays be the worst of your future"
no relief yet though
"may the best day of your yesterdays be the worst of your future"

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