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Question, are more people being injured?
Hi All,

I've noticed a big surge in new people on our forum. Are more people being injured say because of cut-backs in staff? Or is it just we're more informed, people wanting to educate themselves? Are we getting hurt more?

I do know that some of the extra injuries are due to cut-backs in staff. My husband is an experimental CNC/manual Machinist for a large aircraft company. They used to employ over 40 people in this area, 12 on 2nd shift with my husband, they're now down to 4. They expect each machinist to do every aspect of machining from the grinding, measuring, heat treatment, cutting of metal, etc. Things that used to be done by others and now my husband finds his arms getting numb because they have to grind their own parts now. His boss says that it can't cause numbness because it's not a 'general job', just temporary.

I pray for this country, it's workers injured or not. Scary times we live in.

generally work injuries are reduced during a weak economy.
most states do annual reports on their work comp system with information like the number of disabling injuries etc. I would expect many of those reports to come out in the next couple months on the trends during 2010.

this is from last years report:

California’s most recent work injury and illness statistics for 2009 indicate a non-fatal injury and illness rate of 3.7 cases per 100 full-time employees in the private sector in 2009. This is a 37.3 percent decline from the 1999 level of 5.9 and an estimated 5 percent decrease from the previous year’s figures.

The trend in California mirrors a national trend. DOL figures for private employers show that from 1999 to 2009, the work injury and illness rate across the U.S. fell from 6.3 to 3.6 cases per 100 employees in the private sector. The reduction in the number of incidences of job injuries is likely due to various factors including a greater emphasis on job safety and the shift from manufacturing toward service jobs.

Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
I find this interesting, BB, In recent esi injections at the norther hospital I always found them to be slow with not many patients. It has been 2 months since I was there last, and today they were packed... I really do think it is the case of lay offs / cutt backs which puts a heavier load on the remaining employees.. And as far as the grinding, weather he is using a hand held which is worse or using a standing floor model.. They both give off a high amount of vibration, and I know first hand on both.. After even 2 hours of constant vibration I my self found it hard to hold a pencil, you just simply loose the touch feeling/ besides they still feel like your grinding...
I can say from my own situation, being a civil servant (prior) that our union used to protect dead weight and therefore I was always doing the job of 2 full time people and 1 part time person. It is my nature and work ethic to hustle and get the job done and I worked in an office, so I know my injuries came over a period of time, but was my time sped up by working in overdrive for 10 years? I couldn't imagine the physical labor jobs that people are over worked on~

Also, how ironic that when I was terminated for this comp case, they had to hire 1 person to replace me....but when the work was not getting done, they had to hire another full timer and a part timer....HHMM....then wondered why it took 2 1/2 people to do my job~~I think it is a bit humorous now, since they always reminded us that we are all replaceable. Which I agree, but at what cost??? They learned quickly in my case.
Live, Laugh, Love ~
I was in comp court 4 times in the later part of 2010. The injured workers waiting room was full.
I've been in the comp system for over 5 years and never saw that many people in the waiting room.
I have been gone from my work for over 3 yrs. It's funny, they still say that I was the hardest worker around. They had to hire 2 people to replace me and some days it takes 3. I worked weekends by myself and they always have 3 people working my old weekend shift. Plus I averaged 55 hours a week. The people left say they can't keep up, too hard, too stressful. I loved it, did what I could and prayed about the rest.

I could walk into that hospital tomorrow and have doctors and nurses ask me if I'm coming back.

I'll be back but not there. I also won't ever work more than 40 hours a week again, just not worth it. No wonder I have a left knee of a 90 yr old.

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