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Say an extra prayer tonight for Bummer Knees
Please say an extra prayer tonight for Bummer Knees. Her heart has always been in the right place, she's always tried to do the right thing. So pray for her please, comfort, strength, knowledge that she's doing the right thing.

Thank you,
Didn't read until this morning but will still be saying a prayer for her
she has always got my prayers....yes she always does the best she can
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Thank you everyone.
It is my niece, she has bipolar and is mentally unstable.

Breanna has lived with us for the past 4 1/2 years, she is now 18 yrs,

I hired an attorney and filed for conservator guardianship so that I can manage her medical & education due to her disability.

Last Friday Bre ran away from home, she now is living with her mother in an unstable enviroment.

Bre's anger is out of control, she is no longer taking her medication, I only see things going down hill for her.
Sometimes as Mothers and you are her Mother we do what we have to for their safety....and sometimes we have to let them fall.....wise mothers have to know when to do each....I have every faith in you
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

I agree Jayne, her mother and I have recently had the discussion about learning from failure but Bre is to the point of being a danger to herself.

There are 3 roles of a conservator guardian, 1.) To manage there money, for Bre that is the $57.15 child support I receive each month for her. 2.) To ensure the individual receives an education, this would be signing the IEP document, attending meeting & communication with teachers. 3.) To ensure the individual receives medical care,
with a bipolar it is very important that the individual receives their medication, follows up with the physe, counslor, and medical doctor.

I know had along the same problem with one of my daughters....at a certain age the law here says they have the right to take or not take their meds...you and I both know that is bad news....not only does she need the daily meds but it takes awhile to build up in her bloodstream.....it was a mess....but I wasnt given a choice.....it was a rough year
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

But being guardian I have a say about her taking her meds.
I don't know what meds Bre is on but sometimes just stopping them can be dangerous, but then you know that. Saying extra prayers for Bre, so sad.
One of her meds it took 6 months to work up to the dose of 200 mg.
Th medical doctor said that is a medication in which it is dangerous to stop taking at once.

When Bre turned 18 she decided she should live in a household with no rules, well she got it,
describes her mom's home to a T.

My heart is broken, but things are much calmer in our home.


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