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My poor sick kitty
My Maine coon cat 'Jasper' has been feeling poorly for about 2 weeks, he sneezes like crazy, eyes water, he stopped grooming himself and with long fur that's not good. So finally took him to the vet for testing. He's allergic to and I'm not kidding, to cat fur, apparently it's not that uncommon in Maine Coon's, . Cortiscone shot today and then in 4 days start him on pills.

You would think he'd become suicidal, if that's possible with cats. Now it doesn't mean he's allergic to himself, that would really suck. But we have two other cats, short haired, apparently he's allergic to their fur dander. Poor, kitty, allergic to cat fur, that's a new one on me....
we had a cocker spaniel that was alergic to his own fur.....we had togive her the same shots...we finally put her to sleep she was just to miserable
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......


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