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Insomnia and worse pain (Lyrica)H
Holy cow, things get more strange every time they try something new with me. I am guessing that the glaze over my eyes is from lyrica since i never had it before. i cant read the T.V. Cable gude, it is all a blur. The sweling in my hands is making them burn even more...I have only taken them for 2 days now, and my insomnia is wacked. I seriously feel like it is morning time and want to run a marthon~

Anyne else have any of these effects? It has taken me 10 mnutes with magnifying glass to type this & still can't see. srry id spllng is wrong.

I am calling Dr. later today and quiting this crazy drug. I do have drug senstvity with narcotics..
Live, Laugh, Love ~

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