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I am speechless!
I am speechless!

I have settled my case, waiting for the approval of the MSA which was a low amount of $4,000.00 for life time future medical. My attorney says it won't be approved and I will end up with open medical.

With my work comp case it has been a history of deny, deny, deny, having to schedule hearings for any type of medical treatment.

Three weeks ago the TKR knee started giving out and the joint pain increased. I called the surgeon's office to schedule an appointment and was told a member of his office staff would seek approval for the appointment from the insurance company.

This morning I called the surgeon's office and learned the insurance company had approved the office visit!

I am speechless!
I dont blame ya for feeling speachless, but good for you...
Miracles happen every day..... just don't count on them to continue in work comp.
An update........I saw the surgeron on the TKR today and learned my quads are very weak.

I was shown exercises to do once I receive the okay from the neurosurgeon due to the neck surgery.

Good news, the implant is stable according to x-rays.

The knee surgeon asked me about the grinding noise my knee is making and if the sound bothered me.
Since I am deaf the noise really isn't an issue.

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