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Kansas State Board of Healing Arts has signed an investigator in complaint
I posted the below on the off topics forum and decided to post the thread on this forum.

I received a letter today from the Kansas Board of Healing Arts. This is the board that license doctors in the state of Kansas.

July 2010 I was injured by the work comp doctor while he was doing an exam. The injury resulted in the need for surgery with an ACDF being done February of this year.

Late 2010 I filed a complaint against the work comp doctor with the Kansas Board of Healing Arts

The letter I received today reads, An investigator has been signed to your case and will be contacting you for an interview and obtain additional information, if not already done so.

Please keep us informed of your address and telephone number should they change. We will continue to keep you update on the status of the case, including advising you when the matter is resolved.

This is a victory in itself as many complaints filed in our state do not make it to the point of an investigator being signed to the case, with the complaint ending up in file 13.

My goal in this is to help prevent others from being injured by this doctor.

I filed the complaint for two reasons.
1. Based on my injury.
2. The doctor changed the medical records to cover up my injury.

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