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My oldest may have mild Cerebral palsy
Hi All,

He's not taking the news so well. But it makes sense, we've struggled for years to get proper diagnosis's on him. First his asthma, ignored for 12 yrs, they always said it was pneumonia. You get pneumonia an average of 6 times a yr, it's not just pneumonia. Three yrs to get an Asperger's Syndrome diagnosis after that. Then his eyes, I was told it was him, was told that it was his autism. Low and behold, he was far-sighted, the minute he had his glasses own the owl look stopped.

He'll be 28 yrs old later this month. His leg muscles have always been extremely tight. He's always had limited range of motion in his ankles. Four years ago he had a severe motorcycle accident, he has a rod in his right tibia and 5 screws, he was non-weight bearing for 6 months while closing a nearly 1" gap in his bone. That was a big, big, spiral fracture.

He's always been clumsy. At age 12 while on a summer scouting trip in the Rocky Mountains the other scouts decided that they would teach him how to ride a bike. This was a kid that we tried over and over to help him ride. Eight boy scouts guided him, encouraged him and then on the way home pooled their money and then the 5 scout leaders with him bought him a brand new bike.
We got a call for both of us to pick him up. My husband cried that day, Josh was on a bicycle peddling around the parking lot. The fact that those boys thought so highly of Josh to help him and then buy him a bike. The following weekend as a thank you we held a big cookout at our house.

He started having trouble walking a few months ago, complaining of pain. The stretches helped for awhile but then he started walking funny. This morning I took him to the doctor and I noticed on his left leg that he was almost walking on his toes going across the parking lot. It should of clicked to me right there but it didn't. The orthopedic surgeon looked at him, examined him and then ordered a nerve conduction test to rule out Cerebral Palsy. It fits, it sounds right. Sure he walked at 9 months and 3 days but it was always an ungainly walk, an unusual gait. Everything fits, from his arm posture, back, but especially his legs.

So I'm asking for prayers for him. He's a strong, strong Christian, he's lead others to Christ. I've met people online who have been counseled by my son. One lady told me that she was almost suicidal until she just happened to be in a chat room and Josh was there. I met her one weekend when she was in town from KS city, I didn't know her, my son told me that a friend was coming over.
Imagine, a young man with a social disorder, autistic, lead this woman back to Christ and helped save her life. So pray with me for my special first born.

Thank you,
P.S. We're buying him a new bicycle this weekend for an early birthday present. He's started biking again, he says it helps.
Body Builder my oldest daughter was 5 months when my husband and I received the news she had cerebral palsy, hers was spastic quad.

I have always been told the diagnosis needs to come from a neurologist as our daughter's did.

The doctor you took your son to can diagnosis the ortho symptoms of CP but the diagnosis needs to come from a neurologist.
Not looking for an actual diagnosis but treatment. If he has CP it's imperative that he get the proper physical therapy before he looses even more muscle control or his pain get to where he can no longer walk
BB prayers are being said everyday for your family.....
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

So sorry to hear that your son has had all of this and doctor's can't get it right. He sounds like an inspirational young man who doesn't let his imperfections prevent him from helping others. He may have been put through these pains to reach out to others and inspire them that no matter what obstacles lie ahead, there is life, hope, love and God. He sounds determined not to let challenges stand in his way!! Bless you all.
Live, Laugh, Love ~

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