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Investigator has been signed in complaint against work comp doctor
I believe it would be the same agency.

My goal is to prevent this doctor from injuring other patients.

This doctor had a copy of my MRI & medical report from the neurosurgeon and knew I had problems with the cervical spine.
I was injured on 7/29/10 by this doctor, three months earlier I had been to the neurosurgeon and the medical record at that time reads the cervical problem was stable with no additional treatment was needed.

(03-08-2011, 11:07 AM)sonny1 Wrote:
(03-03-2011, 08:11 PM)Bummer Knees Wrote: I received a letter today from the Kansas Board of Healing Arts. This is the board that license doctors in the state of Kansas.

July 2010 I was injured by the work comp doctor while he was doing an exam. The injury resulted in the need for surgery with an ACDF being done February of this year.

The letter I received today reads, An investigator has been signed to your case and will be contacting you for an interview and obtain additional information, if not already done so.

Please keep us informed of your address and telephone number should they change. We will continue to keep you update on the status of the case, including advising you when the matter is resolved.

This is a victory in itself as many complaints filed in our state do not make it to the point of an investigator being signed to the case, with the complaint ending up in file 13.

My goal in this is to help prevent others from being injured by this doctor.

I filed the complaint for two reasons.
1. Based on my injury.
2. The doctor changed the medical records to cover up my injury.

Is the board of healing arts the same as the state medical board? In NYS I think it is called the medical board or something. I had filed a complaint on behalf of my sister for a doctor who refused proper treatment for her because he said she was "pyschosematic". she ended up having to have her gallbladder removed after 2 years of this doctor telling her it was in her head because she suffers from Bipolar. Anyways, my point being, I contacted the state of NY and filed complaint, they pulled the records of my sister/doctor reports to determine if there was any wrong doing on part of doctor, plus they see if there were any other complaints. There was a list of things they did in their investigation before letting us know. of course they did not find any wrong doing, but he died of cancer about 8 months later. Just wondered if your state agency is the same, just goes by another name?

So sorry to hear that. My goal was the same, to make sure this doctor did not play god for other people and make them suffer. Why would it cost so much to bring a malpractice suit? it seems that they will only do something when a person dies and if that is the case, where does the $$ come from to start the malpractice suit? We live in a corrupt place, what happened to the days when doctors actually cared about patients and not $$$? I wish you well and will continue to follow the postings.
Live, Laugh, Love ~
Hi Sonny

I don't really know why the cost in an attorney taking on a malpractice suit.

Perhaps Body Builder can answer that question as she has worked in the medical industry.
Fewer and fewer attorneys take on malpractice cases without fees upfront because of the cost of finding doctors willing to side against another doctor. Then consider that malpractice insurance held by doctors employee the very best lawyers out there. I've known doctors that have become lawyers because they make more money working for doctors as their lawyers. They don't have to buy the malpractice insurance, don't have the hours nor do they have to listen to their crappy, bitchy patients.

OB/GYN malpractice insurance yearly ran in 2008 $235,000 in the state of Ks. Plastic surgeons have the highest rate because they're actually the most sued. The #1 case in the U.S. today is breast augmentation. I paid $4,500. for mine almost 5 yrs ago. The doctor averages about 20 breast jobs a week. I got a lower fee because I was low risk, first time boobie and of normal weight.

Try to find a doctor willing to go against another doctor. That costs big money. Plus the odds of winning has to weigh big on the injured side. I was told I didn't have a case with my knee despite the fact that the doctor did go against the standard of care and he ignored a large draining infected fistula. But that's another story and it gets gross and boring.

You work in surgery and you know the doctor well you can get them to talk about almost anything. I had the discussion about malpractice insurance with an ob/gyn who practices in Wichita, Ks at a well known clinic. It pays to keep your ears open, you learn alot.

Take care, hope this answered your question,

THANKS, and yes it did answer most of my question, the part I don't get, is that i thought Bummer said if death was the outcome, the attorney would sue!!! I guess the attorney would start suit w/out money up front? It just stinks that people can continue to be hurt @ work, then by doctors and then be ruined by pain (and financially as well!)

I do enjoy learning things on here from everybody! Glad I found the forum~
Live, Laugh, Love ~
I think the attorney said that because more dollars would be paid out at settlement time if dealth were involved.
Death does pay out a great deal, because well, it's a death. Attorney's like to take them on since it's a 'state' investigation, attorneys have to pay out less for doctors and their own investigators because of the investigations, records that the authorities do as required by law.

A PA once talked about the settlement to a patient, a payout of over $200,000. Due to a sponge left in her abdomen after a crash c-section. I didn't help with the original surgery, that was a mess, but I was involved in the repeat surgery to remove the sponge left in her belly. So I had to type up a detailed report and was questioned by about a dozen people about what I saw, what I did, what was recorded, the counts, ex-rays, staff in the OR, etc. I was under a gag order about the case for nearly 5 months. But the residency department paid the patient without her hiring an attorney to prevent it going to court.
OK bodybuilder, I got it now! That makes sense that an attorney would do it because it would be a state investigation...See, I learn here every day!! Smile
Live, Laugh, Love ~
Years ago I worked at Bexar Co. Hospital San Antonio, now University Hospital. I floated between the ER and the trauma floor. One thing we hated coming in were patients that died on us and it was deemed a murder. You could end up staying 4 to 6 hours after your shift going thru all the investigators, identifying things, marking things, where the staff was. Documenting medications, marks that were on the body before and after. T'was a mess but what we did was simple compared to the investigations end. Those CSI people deserve everything that they make, they're good. Then there's the stuff we pull out of people, either in the ER or the Or but that's a story for another day...amazing what people do to each other or to themselves.

Take care,
Bummer knees- What did that doctor mean by saying " If you were dead he would take the case then it would be worth it" thats sounds horrible.

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