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IME Question
(03-03-2011, 05:48 AM)SandyK Wrote: Hi I’m in SC. My injury includes damage to my respiratory system. My lungs are not in the best of shape and my vocal cord/larynx may be permanently damaged. I was just sent to the IME who has asked me to gather records from previous doctor’s visits and bring them to the office for review. If the IME is suppose to be an independent medical examiner what do they need with the records and why should I deliver them I have absolutely nothing to hide but if they are needed they can be requested, right?

I appreciate all help and advice that is provided.

Have a great day!!!!

Quick update.

I spoke with my lawyer who said there is no reason the physician cannot collect the records from the appropriate sources. Since my attorney has all of my records the suggestion was made that the records could be obtained from the office.

Thanks for all of your help!!!

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