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Work Conditioning

Is time at work conditioning usually paid by WC? When we first asked WC she said they wouldn't pay him. He protested and she told my husband it was his fault he got hurt because he shouldn't of been standing by the glass. He told her he stood where he was told to stand. She said she would talk to his employer and let him know. She did call back later and say they would pay for 12 hrs which covers most of it.
They are playing head games with your husband.

Work comp is no fault.
if it's prescribed by the doctor prior to being released for work then it qualifies as temporary disability no matter what name they give it.

Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
Here work conditioning is done by a phisicall therapy place, and usually the dr perscribes it.. Many employers want the work conditioning done before they return to work... I think they are playing head games, he should be collecting ttd up to the day he starts normal work.
He's been doing work conditioning for a couple weeks so far. He's going to the same place pt was done. The dr told him he needs to build endurance now. He has a couple weeks left on these orders. I'm not sure if the surgeon will order another month on his next visit.

WC plays head games with him off and on every since we and his ankle surgeon stood up to the case worker at his last appt with him. Usually its just with his checks since that's all they really can control. My husband did tell the insurance that he felt like the dr was getting ready to release him. They said he would have to work his job for a month to see if he could even do it. Everyone knows he can't. Even the dr has said already he would need to change careers. Construction is no longer gonna be a option given he won't be able to stand or lift. I'm sure when it comes close to the end their games will be worse. I don't see his employeer paying him to just sit at a desk forever. Thank goodness I work and cover our benefits.

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