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Thunderstorms, hail, Ice storm, & snow all in one day
Yep that's Kansas weather, can't make up it's mind what to do.

The thunderstorms started early morning, reports of hail are already starting. Forecasters say the hail will cover the ground.

Around noon the ice storm will start with the snow starting this afternoon.
We had thunder, lightening and hail here around 0430 this morning. Kinda funny both me and my husband bolted upright in bed this morning. That doesn't happen too often. I tried going back to sleep to no avail. It bothers my husband when I get up so early. But once the knee and hip start in it's not worth it trying to get comfortable in bed when he's trying to sleep. He's finally getting some overtime (10 hrs, 5 days a week) so he's not home until after 0300.

Weather in KS is never boring.

My husband is in Topeka in this stuff, once he got to Junction City he said it was nothing but ice.

The temp was 45 at 8:00 am and at noon is down to 38.
I love the sound of a good thunder boomer, but with the extras you's have with it.....No thanks..

Our stor is comming tonight freezing rain then turn to snow in the am hours.......... Come on spring..

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