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Hello. I am new here. I have a few questions. I recently started a new job at a small clothing store. It is a part of a large corporation in Las Vegas that owns numerous stores (mostly clothing and souvenir). I was told by my store manager that she has a very tight labor budget. We close at night at 8pm. we are expected to have our closing duties complete before we leave, yet we are expected to be off the clock by 8:30pm. Some days that is not a problem, but of course I cannot guarantee that every shift I will have all my work done by then. I was told that it is "normal" and expected that if I have to work a few minuets off clock to finish cleaning or whatever I need to finish that that is what needs to be done. First, I already know that to even ask me let alone tell me to clock out and to then continue working is illegal. I'm about 5% upset about the money (I only make $10 ph so it it takes 10 extra min it's a small amount of money to complain about) but I'm 95% upset about the possibility of not receiving workman's comp should anything happen. I guess the first question is, should anything happen could I be covered? I have not reached the 90 day period before I can be offered health insurance but I wouldn't want my own rates to rise if I was still at work. They have many cameras in the store that would show time of injury which they could then refer to the clock out time. My friend said I have 3 options. Agree to clock out and work and risk injury, agree to clock out but not to continue working, or find another job. Nevada is a right to work state so I feel afraid that if I don't do it, I could get fired, or even if I argue about it to the manager. Nevada has the highest unemployment rate, so finding another job is easier said than done. I know I could call OSHA and not get reprimanded but then I would not be trusted. I feel like all of those options are a lose situation for me. I hope to move up in this company and get towards the corporate side, but if I'm "not a team player" that will never happen, but I am in no way able to cover myself should an accident occur. my friend said to just be extra careful when off the clock, and I'm like Duh! But accidents happen (BTW she is a high school teacher so she gets full benefits from the government and doesn't have to worry, so it's hard to listen to her when she has never been in this situation). we are inside a casino where people walk around with drinks. The floors are all marble and there are glass shelves with unguarded 90 degree angles. I know it's not like I'm working at a construction site or mine shaft, but that doesn't mean I can't get hurt and I feel like my boss is putting me in an unfair/uncomfortable situation where no matter what I lose should something happen. I am in relatively healthy condition, only a little over weight, but I had a breast reduction a few years ago due to problems with my back and am afraid that a fall could really injure me. Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
not to worry as you said cameras would catch the accident and if WC didnt cover it a cival suit would
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

An injury on the job, as part of your normal course of employment, would most likely be covered. The fact that you are on or off the clock is most likely irrelevant.

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