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employers offer to return to work....
When they tried this before, my primary did write that in restrictions and my injury dr did the same.. But this time he did not put it in there... Mon I will be sure to call him and have him re-write the restriction.....
Any advice on writing the refusal of the offer to return to work, under my drs restrictions.....???????

When I recieved the offer I thought it said I had till 3/8/11 to write the response.. I read it wrong, they want the response by this mon, I called my lawyer but he and his aid were out on a case on fri, left messages with both but no response....
Mine reads like this: maybe you can use something from it.

Dear (enter manager/owner name),

It is my understanding that, by correspondence dated (enter date ), (enter employer name) has offered Jennifer (your name) her regular duty position (enter their offer to you) begining (date). Mrs.(me)'s treating physician (name) has cleared her to return to work with restrictions, but you have failed to provide her with employment that would accomodate her restrictions. Mrs. me ( enter your name) continues to experience symptomology involving (syptoms you are having) pain in lower back radiating down right extremity with numbness and tingling. She continues to require medical attention, including prescribed narcotics, and has not been fully released from care by her primary treating physician. Accordingly Mrs. me (your name) will not be returning to work on said date nor will she return to work until the employer provides her work within her physical restrictions.

Not sure if you can use any of it. But it was written by my lawyer. Hope it can help even a little.
Thanks weezle735,

My lawyer did contact me today and sugested I contact my employer and ask if they recieved my drs restrictions... He said as long as they recieved them I would not have to write a denial to the offer. So I did and the said yes they did recieve it, but demands I still make up a letter of acceptance or refusal. So now I have to call lawyer in the morning and ask again how he wants me to do it..... I have always got along well with my boss, and she said to me today it is the companies lawyers and the ins telling her to act this way to me. I fair warned her, and told har I have had lots of time to read and study my rights and just because we were friends I wont be abused.
Oh yea Bronco same here. When I showed up to my hearing, the HR manager was in the parking lot. We walked up to her and started chatting. She said she hated having to be there and that she wouldnt be doing anything that wld hinder my benefits. Which really there is nothing. She was the first to see me afyer accident and knows how much pain I was and still am in. I truely love the company I work for and if they sent a letter for a job within my restrictions and w/o violating my union contract I have told them I would jump right on it. But they cant so I cant. She said the dang insurance co and lawyers make the company look bad or like they dont believe you and thats sometimes not the case.
I sure hope you get things worked out.
Well, employer called and asked where the letter was. Advised by my lawyer, I responded... do you have work for me under my treating drs restrictions... She had said her superior has not returned her calls.. I went on telling her I am leaving to an appointment to have another injection. And will write it and return it to her wed. She had asked what the appointment was for. and I told her its for my accident that happened in 2007 while working for you's... She had asked me to give her a copy of the procedure and any up comming appointments for my back... I agreed only after I talked with my lawyer again.. My boss says there has to be a mess and alot of mis communications between the ins and the main company not telling her all the info. And said she is digging deeper and may end up introuble, and figures its the ins trying to get out of paying... I told her its just the games wc plays, and weather they like it or not my private ins is picking up the tab, and allready has my wc ins numbers...... Now the waiting game continues.......
I admire you Bronoco, you have courage and you are smart in dealing with work comp the way you are.

Good luck!

Bummer Knees
Thanks bummer,
Well all paper work and letter has been turned in to employer and attorney... I sat in my employers office for 20 min discussing what is going on.. She told me she does not agree with the way this is being handled.. Her boss is trying to adapt my restrictions making me able to return.. He wants the lead man to load my vehicle, she told him I was the lead man under the job description.. To make the 5 lb restriction work he suggested I use a dolly, she replied he has to lift the dolly in and out the truck and asked what dollie weighs 5 lbs and under.. She asked him in what basis does he figure I can come back to work, and told him all the medical drs notes I bring her dont match what they have... He told her its not for her to get involved and to do just what she is told.. She said my name and signature is on all forms sent to (me) and it involves her and is stuck in the middle of somthing she dont agree with. She was nice and polite, and I told her that she may be in the middle, but does not mean I will show favor to her.. Its my life and told her I will show up for work if you have somthing within my restrictions.... She appolgized for the treatment her boss is giving and told me the name of the company lawyers that are pushing this.. I took that right to the lawyer along with the 2 month late report from thier ime dr.... I am dotting all m I's and crossing all my t's, I will give 100% of my time when able, to unable thier creditability to insure I get my medical needs paid for............. Its going to be a long haul, and even my lawyer was shocked that I'm so involved.... I figure If I dont look out for my future and dont care its my own fault. And if I pester my attorney's, well its all in good faith......lol
well Bronco you have been in WC collage here for how long? Those of us that pay attention to the teachers do well for ourselves...
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

(03-03-2011, 10:46 AM)jayne Wrote: well Bronco you have been in WC collage here for how long? Those of us that pay attention to the teachers do well for ourselves...

This is so true, without the knowledge and guidence from here I would be lost in a wondering world.. But now I know how wc works, I know the good and now know the bad, and know to document every step and turn they or I make.....

I am expecting my phone to be ringing today, my employer called after I dropped off the letter yesterday.. The (Jayne's lame attempt to bypass the Bad Word Filter) that is pushing this out of the main office is gone untill the 14th.. So she said she dont know the answer if they have work for me under my drs restrictions. I know they dont, but also told her I'm willing to come in and count paper clips if they so wish.....lol.

I had a chance to re-read the wc drs ime report, its a joke on the most part but does share the truth and how he agrees with my drs ime. But one thing that is not included anywhere is my 2 drs that are treating me for my back... I see my injury dr fri and see my surgeon tues 8th, I will have all the kinks worked out and have the restrictions from both, and will have the use of narcotics on them.
Bronoco I have also had the IME's that ate a joke.

What I did was go thru the IME line for line and any highlite and information that was not correct.

Next I would type a statement listing the errors in the IME and then list the correct information. I would list the page and paragraph of each error and then list the correct information and the source of where that information came from.
I would sign and date this document, attachment it to the IME and send it to my attorney.

Once my attorney received the document I would talk to him by phone and get his feedback.

The information I provided has been used at a hearing with the ALJ deciding in my favor.

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