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letter from employer
Well its time to face the music, my employer called and said I have a letter for you.... Dont know what it is yet but through the grape vien they are offering me my job back with new duties and someone will load my truck..... Boy howdy it is killing me, I will share the letter later after I drop it off at lawyer............
Bronco you know on the meds you are taking it is agaisnt DOT regs to drive....and thats before you start bouncing in that truck....
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

You are correct jayne and they tried this to me before and my dr told them no way was he going to permit me while on narcotics..

Well went and got the letter, my boss here in our local area was very polite and said they would do what ever they can to accomidate.. She also stated to me that even though her name is signed she did not write the letter of offer. She asked me to please not read it infront of her... And this is how it is stated......

We have recieved DR. ----------'s medical evaluation report regarding the work-related injury you substained on Nov 6, 2007. The report is based on records from all your treating physicians including your final medical evaluation with dr------ (surgeon for pelvis and hip reconstruction) and dr-------- (end of healind impairment). Dr------ Agreed with the dr (end of healing) assessment and has indicated that your work restrictions are now permanent, and include:

Light to medium work frequent lifting of 10 pounds.
20 lb maximum lifting with avoiding squatting and not bendingmore than 90 degrees.
No climbing ladders and stairs on a seldom basis..

We have reviewed the essential function of your current position as a delivery driver and have determined that we are able to accommodate your restrictions..

The route we have to offer is in district 792. it involves in daily delivery, picking up returned items and collecting. And again the essential requirements are within the restrictions established by the physicians, if necessary, an accommodation can be made to decrease the size. By doing this you will effectively reduce the weight carried in delivery of products.

Now this is fine and dandy, but these drs (who I cant say) have nothing to do with why I'm out on medical leave... This was reports of my pelvis and hip and was placed at mmi for them. I was removed from work for my back wich was also injured in the accident, and not from my pelvis or hip... In these reports it does not include my treating dr and my surgeon. Its just an invasive ploy against me, now involving my employer...

I dropped a copy off at my lawer, and states dont wory.. I am to bring this letter to my treating drs for my back and see if he agrees with said restrictions. If he does, I have to go back to work at least to try. If he does not I need him to write my restrictions over and bring them to my employer.......... Sorry long winded but just wanted to share what they are pulling on me....

No where in this discription does it say I have to load my vehicle, which is mandatory. Any one that has been a truck driver who also loads and unloads and delivers products knows there is no way to avoid squating let alone bending no more than 90 degrees...
I am not one to play games with people and have a tough time understanding why others play games.

Bronoco I am sorry, the emotinons this letter must bring out.

Try not to over stress, follow what your attorney tell you to do and continue to have faith in your attorney.

Prayers for you.
You know it has been terible to read what they pull, but once it happens to yourself its a whole different ball game... Right now I'm watching the clock and waiting for my phone to ring. The waiting game is hard for me, my treating dr has the report and along with it I wrote a letter stating some facts and what my feeling were about the offer...
now you know what your wife will go thru the last 2 weeks of her pregnancy.....just waiting knowing there isnt anything she can do but wait.....remember this and be more patient when her time comes
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Oh yes, she will have my full suport. I will tell her to keep those legs together untill we get there.....lol. But seriously She will be pampered, and well taken care of.....[/u]

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