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Hello everyone...I came across this forum when I was looking for information on how to report or complain about these IME docs the insurance company pays to submit a report for them.......I will give alittle history here.....I got injuried by a drunk patient at work in 2007 and I have been dealing with neck pain every since then despite being in and out of work and even though I was working on and off full time full duty and at times light duty I was 33 % disablied and comp or the so called IME docs never questioned this disability but in july 2010 I got reinjuried on my neck again and this time my back from a chair slipping out from under me when I went to pick something off the floor I was hit in the back of my neck and fell to the floor crunched like a pretzel with no where to go because a chair was behind me and infront of me so I was stuck.......well my first visit to comps IME was 1 month after I was reinjuried and I was so hurt aand in a lot of pain and no xrays or mri was done yet, nys docs don't see pt on comp anymore so I had a delay in treatment...anyways the IME said I was only 25 % disability and said I had no muscle spasms which I have had chronic since 2007....so this doc determines my fate with no xrays no actual physical exam other then telling me to bend over side to side bend head up and back ect ect...I was so pissed how this doc can give his opinion without even touching me for his exam so of course comp cut my pay to 25% based on the IME and said I could go back to work with no restriction in 4 weeks even though my pain neuro doc said I was 100 % disabled and couldn't go back to work until I have xrays and MRI........ok so I'm appauled but deal with it but didn't go back to work yet........big problem is I was sent to have another IME recently which was at 730 am at this dark building which wasn't even a docs office and 2 guys came in 1 in jeans n tee shirt and another in a jogging suit......the jeans guy was creapy looking and never said who he was but asked info about me then he took me to a room and handed me a small gown, I'm tall and not a small size by the way....he told me to take everything off but my panties and I asked if he was going to be in the room also n he said no but I said I wasn't stripping and wearing a gown that was too small n he got disguested n left the room...I was so uncomfortable at this point then the guy in the jogging suit walks in and says who he is yet he had no name tag on and he wasn't dressed professional at all....we went through questions he asked then had me bend this way then that and saw I had limited range of motion and was in pain but he never once touched me to feel anyrhing I was saying that hurt yet in his report he said he didn't feel muscle spasms and nothing was wrong with me and I had no disability n I could go back to work full duty yet my pain doc n ortho doc n physical therapy doc all say I have severe muscle spasms all over my neck n back but comp imsurance comp ignored those docs n wants to now cut off all money I get despite I have to have lumbar epidural soon........how the helll does these IME docs get away with lying n not being or lookinmg professional and to boot this last ime doc was from 4 hrs away not even local.....what's next I wonder a back alley appointment at 3am...........anyone else have IME problems? Yes I have a lawyer but they r even useless n only do bare minimum......[/b]b]
the legal system is adversarial.
you get your medical evidence and they get theirs.
you seem surprised.
it's been that way for a long time.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
I'm surprised because I have been in and out of the comp system for 25 years with 5 injuries and it wasn't like this many years ago....the ime docs are getting lazy and I have had a lot of ime visits but it seems to get worse.....I don't mind going but if they are going to decide my fate or money then they damn well should be doing an actual exam.....not everyones problems are noted in just an xray or mri.....the last ime that said he felt no muscle spasms didn't touch me but funny how 1 week later I start pt and pt said I had severe muscle spasms from neck to mid back....wth.
its not right but it is what it is.....they pay their Dr for their opinion....it being an opinion means it doesnt have to be factual.....means you go t court and the judge chooses who to believe....unfortunally many dont have the funds to fight them...so they starve you out
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

I had a terrible dr. for my IME. I have reactive airway disease and other problems from a chemical exposure at work. The office the IME dr. rented was supposed to be an allergy dr's office. I was told by my MD to always bring someone with me and check your state rules. Some state let you video and record IME session. My WC in ALaska lied and said I could not record or video session. The office smelled like cat urine, mold, and pine cleaner. I knew I was in trouble. The IME dr. was not to do any pulmonary function test. He did and I almost pasted out and I did vomit in his sink with my husband holding me so I would not fall. He was ruthless yelling at me. I filed a WC Claim against my employer and WC and filed a complaint with the US Department of Justice Civil Rights Div. Disability Rights Section of the Depart. of Labor. They sent it back to the State of Alaska WC for investigation with a case number to followcase. Alaska WC said they lost the paperwork. I wrote the Feds again and they have taken over the case and they are investigating my Alaska WC's IME visit. I'm tired of being pushed around by bullies.
Has anyone called it quit with WC after appealing claim and going to pre-conference due to all the stress involve?

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