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denial of carpal tunnel claim...help
i have worked for the post office for over 25 yrs and developed carpal tunnel in both hands. Submitted claim to Ct. worers comp which they denied stating my Dr did not state one paticular item that caused my carpal tunnel. We stated it was related torepetative work of fine manipulation of the fingers and wrist over the yrs with all functions of a letter carrier listed. can anyone tell me what one thing out of my job that worker comp would accept as the reason for my carpal tunnel? Need to submit statement to them by 3/3/11. Thank you
I know in NY where I live, My doctor had to write specifically, that it is "work related" or "repetitive motion disorder" on their notes, BUT, I also had to tell them (Dr.) that it was work related. Sometimes they use generic terms that are not accepted...especially with WC. My Carpal tunnel + multiple other hand/wrist issues basically had to be spelled out for the insurance company...but here, they (IC) will try to dispute everything. Don't give up. Keep pushing.

Live, Laugh, Love ~
per the owcp:
"An occupational disease is defined as a condition produced in the work environment over a period longer than one workday or shift. It may result from systemic infection, repeated stress or strain or conditions of the work environment."


have your physician refer to your condition in this way.
trauma is only recognized by federal comp law in terms of a specific injury.

use form CA-35H:
Evidence Required in Support of A Claim
for Work-Related Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

"If you are claiming that your carpal tunnel or wrist problems are due to your job, use this checklist to identify the specific information needed from you and your employing agency to make a decision on the claim.
All of the following information should be submitted with Form CA-2. Please return the checklist with statements attached. Check off each item as it is completed or let us know when we can expect the information. All material submitted should be legible and specific."

Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
Thank you for the informtion. I will do my research and have the Doctor try to be more specific this time around.

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