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denied everything
Adjuster just called, they sent all records to thier own dr to review. Since I was placed mmi for my hip and pelvis last nov, and mmi on shoulder and arm 2 years ago, thier dr feels there is no more treatment needed. Even though my main injury dr has me out of work with 5 lb restriction, no twisting or bending, thier dr put me at 20 lb and no bending more then 90% seldom twisting.
With all that said they have stopped everything including meds, checks, but they owe me $48,000 per wi comp law for rating but have over paid me $6,000 since they figured Nov was end of healing... And to top it off they called my employer and with given new restrictions they can acomadate me to come back.

I updated my lawyer 5 min after they called, and he said no way am I to return to work unless I recieve the new restrictions and the offer from work in writting............ I see my lawyer friday.........

With all of this now, and I have been very sick, fever, ear and sinus infection, and upper respitory infection I refractured one of my ribs from coughing........ It has been a very bad few days.......
I am so sorry Bronco will be praying for you
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Thanks jayne.
I knew in my mind it would come to this but never figured they wouldnt pay for my meds. Docycyclin is needed for the mrsa but is a cheap med 8 to $10 a month, I can afford that. But my pain meds is somthing I cant cope with out and probably try to turn in to my private ins.. Anxiety meds, I just dont know if I can come off them, I dont have the attacks as much but I'm at home and not driving (working).

I have read and hear of the bull crap that they pull so I'm really not shocked, just feel sick to my stomach of whats the path going to lead.. I doubt what they are doing is legal but again they dont care and will just prolong it with court. We have enough to get by for now, and could sell our other property if needed.. I just hope my lawyer is what he claims to be..............

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